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Lawmakers seek input on posidonia legislation

Reunio decret posidoniaEnvironment councillor Daisee Aguilera sat down with representatives from the other Balearic Island Councils and the region's department of environment, agriculture and fishing to discuss a draft decree on posidonia seagrass. In attendance at the tête-à-tête were regional minister Vicenç Vidal and director general of the Balearic office of natural spaces and biodiversity, Miquel Mir.

Applauding the Govern's initiative in seeking input from the councils and other sectors, Aguilera underscored the significance of the decree's “clearly-worded ban of anchoring on posidonia meadows”. Formentera's head of environment voiced her hope the Govern would “include up-to-date maps as part of the new decree, thus equipping crews with explicit information about where they can and cannot drop anchor”. Aguilera said clear.cut information was “the most important tool in preventing damage to the seagrass,” a feeling her opposite numbers echoed.

The Govern plans to unveil the decree and convene a community discussion to involve Formentera residents in the current process. That input session, still to be determined, is expected to take place in two weeks.

Pest control efforts take aim at local mosquitos

estany pudent fotoEarlier this month, the Formentera Council's Office of Environment embarked on a push to bring mosquito and chironomid numbers under control in several areas of Ses Salines park. Efforts will be concentrated on standing water ponds—the pest's preferred spots to lay larva—around Estany Pudent, Estany des Peix and Salines den Marroig.

Preventive mosquito and midge controls make use of Bacillus thuringiensis Israeliensi, a natural insecticide which acts on mosquito larvae. It is considered biological treatment.

In 2017, two operators will be tasked with administering the treatment in two weekly sessions using ruck-sack units to spray the substance in its pulverised state. According to projections, the undertaking will require 24 full days and conclude in mid-October.

The initial cost is €22,944.19, though if problem areas are detected the administration can opt to expand treatment.

Trasmapi sponsors 10,000 square metres of posidonia

Foto logo sppAlejandra Ferrer and Daisee Aguilera, the Formentera Council's heads of tourism and environment, respectively, met today to unveil developments in the Save Posidonia Project. Also in attendance at the presentation was Trasmapi's marketing chief Núria de la Torre, who announced the transport company's plans to donate €10,000 to the effort. The money will be used to sponsor 10,000 square metres (m2) of posidonia seagrass.

De la Torre also highlighted the company's decision to bedeck Trasmapi boats, inside and out, with the Save Posidonia Project logo, just one of several efforts—another will include an informational video—to win popular support for the cause. Today's presentation included the viewing of just such a video, one that is aimed at gaining popular sympathy for the undersea plant and project. Councillor Ferrer reported that Trasmapi's gift would bring the total area of sponsored seagrass to 12,746m2, a figure she predicted would continue to rise.

Crews scrub down Formentera's water reservoirs

Foto neteja diposit es pujolsEl Consell de Formentera, a través de Medi Ambient, informa que Aqualia ja ha finalitzat les tasques de neteja i desinfecció dels tres dipòsits d’aigua de Formentera, els de Sant Ferran, Ca Marí i Es Pujols, que abasteixen als diferents nuclis de població, donant compliment al Reial Decret 140/2003, pel qual s'estableixen els criteris sanitaris de la qualitat d'aigua de consum humà, i del Decret 53/12, sobre vigilància de les aigües de consum humà de les Illes Balears.

La realització d’aquests treballs és important per assegurar la qualitat de l’aigua emmagatzemada als dipòsits, que posteriorment és distribuïda a tota la població. Les tasques realitzades han consistit en el seu buidat, la neteja interior i la desinfecció amb hipoclorit sòdic. A més, s’han revisat les vàlvules, arquetes, canonades i altres elements, aprofitant el buidatge que se’n fa per realitzar les tasques de manteniment necessari.

Aquestes actuacions que Aqualia porta a terme són per garantir la qualitat de l’aigua que arriba a les aixetes de tots els usuaris. A més, l’empresa realitza un exhaustiu control analític de l’aigua subministrada en el que es controlen paràmetres tant fisicoquímics com microbiològics. En total, al 2016 es van realitzar al voltant de 4.450 determinacions analítiques, segons han informat.

Neteja de la xarxa de clavegueram
D’altra banda, Aqualia també està portant a terme les tasques de neteja del clavegueram d’Es Caló, Es Pujols i de la major part dels nuclis de Formentera. Aquestes tasques formen part del pla preventiu i de posada a punt de la xarxa de clavegueram per garantir el millor servei de cara a la temporada estival. Concretament s’elimina la brutícia, fulles i papers que s’acumulen en el seu interior i que dificulten la recollida d’aigua els dies de pluja.

Per fer la neteja s’utilitza un camió i es dissenya una ruta a seguir pels operaris, tenint en compte la situació dels pous i els sentits de circulació dels carrers a netejar.

After minor oil spill, clean-up of s'Estany des Peix begins

Foto neteja oliAt 8.55am this morning, a local resident telephoned the offices of the Formentera Council to report an oil slick on s'Estany des Peix. Two personnel of the CiF Office of Environment visited the pond and, confirming the presence of a minor spill, dialled 112, an agency of the Govern's department of emergency services, whereupon the bureau's plan for oil spills, the Cambal plan, was activated.

In the morning the Guardia Civil made passes over the area in the brigade's helicopter to make sure no new oil infused the water. The head of Ses Salines park visited the scene to assess the situation as the Council employees used a boat from the administration's fleet to assist coastal authority officers search for the source of the spill, still undetermined at the time of writing.

A TRAGSA crew brought in by the coastal authority was tasked with commencing cleanup operations in the area. The team will begin by mapping out the affected portion of the lake. Soiled sand will be cleaned mechanically and any affected rocks will be treated with sawdust or absorbent blankets.

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