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Cleaning crews take on la Savina canal

foto-neteja-canal-de-la-savina1The Formentera Council environment office reports that cleaning operations will be carried out today (30 May) on a canal in la Savina near salterns called salines d'en Ferrer. The administration brought in an outside firm to oversee the work after reports that the freshwater drainage canal was in less than ideal condition due to clogged up waste. A technical study piloted by the Council determined that failure to drain properly meant that water remained stagnant, causing a foul smell and an explosion of insect numbers.

The Council has pledged to pay €1,875.50 (VAT included) for the work, which will be conducted between 8.00am to 6.00pm. The last time similar actions were taken was three years ago. As in the photo below, crews will focus on a segment of the canal which abuts the salines d'en Ferrer and lies between Gregal and Ponent streets, where the canal drains into estany des Peix.


CiF Office of Environment has pointed out the section in question is crosscut by a number of pipes, among them sewage. The Council's requests to have the pipes removed are currently being processed, an initiative which is included in a strategy to replace and upgrade the local sanitation grid that being driven by the Balearic agency for water and environmental quality, Abaqua.

30 May 2019
Office of Communication
Formentera Council

Islanders take time to clear rock piles

photo-2019-05-29-08-30-40-1-This Saturday, 1 June, volunteers will gather in the es Trucadors area of the island for a morning of education and rock pile removal. All those interested in taking part should reserve their spot by sending an email to educacio@gengob.org.

Volunteers coming from Eivissa will meet at the Formentera ferry terminal at 8.30am and have a free shuttle service. Formentera residents will gather directly at es Ministre car park at 10.30am.

The idea is to remove at least some of the piled up stones in the area. Participants will learn about how stacking up stones poses problems for many native species, not to mention the landscape.

29 May 2019
Office of Communication
Formentera Council

Pitching in to clean up s'Espalmador

neteja-espalmador-xarxes-1-The environment office of the Formentera Council reports that no more space is available for Plastic Free Formentera's coastal clean-up on s'Espalmador island, Sunday May 19. Between the twenty people who will perform cleaning underwater and fifty scheduled to work on the shoreline, a total of roughly seventy islanders have signed up to take part. Volunteers will set out at 9.00am from la Savina port.

Organisers regret that not everyone who wanted to take part was able to. Approximately twenty were turned away and encouraged to come out for future clean-ups.

May 17, 2019
Àrea de Comunicació
Formentera Council

Council installs 199 solar panels across 6 public buildings

foto plaques solars 1The Formentera Council's environment department reports that 199 photovoltaic panels have been fitted on the rooftops of six public buildings around the island: 15 on es Molí, 60 at the Sant Francesc library, 24 at the slaughterhouse, 8 at la Mola school, and 56 and 36 at the Mestre Lluís Andreu's respective upper and lower campuses.

Funding for the €111,215 project was provided by the Govern balear (€54,608) and the Formentera Council (€56,607). The equipment is expected to generate 89,760kW per year, for an annual savings of €9,689.

In the words of environment councillor Daisee Aguilera: “The Council hopes to gradually replace electric power for more renewable sources like solar energy”.

May 21, 2019
Àrea de Comunicació
Formentera Council

Organics pick-up is back—Formentera reactivates collection service for island's biggest waste producers

foto-porta-a-porta-mate--ria-o1The environment office of the Formentera Council reports organic waste collection will resume this year on May 15 and be provided through mid-October. In a continuation of last year's setup, pick-up service will be operated on two routes servicing medium- and large-sized waste generators on the island.

All told, 170 businesses are handing over their bagged organic scraps as part of the door-to-door pick-up scheme. Businesses who have questions about the programme can put questions to two of the environment office's informadors (“informers”) or three other dedicated agents.

Following the success of last year's ministration, in 2019 the Council is also offering door-to-door plastics pick-up at businesses located inside ses Salines nature reserve.

The non-profit recycling promotors Ecoembes have put together funding to hire an additional environmental informer to help boost recycling on the island.

A look back at 2018
During five months of service in 2018, 527.4 tonnes of organic waste was collected from 170 participating establishments. The success of the effort in 2018 was key to contracting an additional informer and distributing yellow collection bins at business to encourage increased recycling.

The administration's environment councillor hailed businesses' collaboration in the initiative and said she hoped the positive reaction would hold strong, “because the benefits aren't just environmental, they're economic, too”.

May 14, 2019
Àrea de Comunicació
Formentera Council

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