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Formentera welcomes visiting 'Energy Observer'

foto energy observer 2Secretaries of tourism and environment Alejandra Ferrer and Daisee Aguilera stopped for a visit this morning at Energy Observer, the world's first greenhouse gas emission-free, autonomous, hydrogen-powered vessel, set to anchor the coming days in Formentera waters.

The futuristic, electric-propulsion vessel uses a mix of renewable energies and a system tuned to produce decarbonated hydrogen extracted from sea water. The system, which renders unnecessary the outsized batteries used in normal electric vessels, means a lighter, more efficient watercraft, and special built-in storage equipment makes the sporadic recharges of the past obsolete, both on land and at sea.

Partnership with Save Posidonia Project
During the visit the secretaries saw close-up how the boat works and spoke with the crew about Save Posidonia Project and Formentera's environmental and sustainability strategies.

In the words of the tourism secretary, “we're honoured—not just that the Energy Observer crew has chosen to include Formentera on its route, but to hear them talk about our island as one of the best preserved in the Mediterranean”. Ferrer said it was important to safeguard the island's natural spaces and pointed up 2017's Save Posidonia Project, in particular—“it's the reason behind our partnership with the Energy Observer and what allows us to work with the ship's crew towards life-preserving environmental sustainability in our seas”.

Environment secretary Daisee Aguilera called navigation on the Energy Observer “noiseless” and the vessel's emissions “basically innocuous”. A matchless experience, said Aguilera, “and one we hope will serve as an example for other ships in places like this where marine traffic is heavy and use of harmful fossil fuels is high”.

Raising global awareness
From 2017 to 2022, the Energy Observer's “Odyssey for the Future” will find the crew pulling in at 101 ports at fifty countries around the world as part of an effort to put cutting-edge tech to work in extreme conditions and feel out the planet's energy networks of the future.

The crew imagines the world tour as a showcase for innovation in environmental transition, and, in the case of the ship's travelling exhibit, social media and numerous documentaries, a chance to educate the world about renewable energy, biodiversity, low-impact agriculture, mobility and even the sharing economy.

Spotlighting 'best of summer', Spanish broadcaster's 'Comando al sol' visits Formentera

Comando al sol RTVE a Formentera IIThe Formentera Council wishes to thank Spanish national television for its support as the programme "Comando actualidad" turns its cameras to the island for a recent, start-of-summer episode. The special installment found the crew of the TV show checking out some of Formentera's most cherished sights like Bartolo beach bar, ses Illetes, Fonda Pepe, posidonia seagrass meadows and a sunset from Migjorn.

Tourism secretary Alejandra Ferrer praised the laid-back and welcoming vision of Formentera the show's producers put forward, adding "the fact our island is such a well-loved destination is thanks to a lot of people's hard work, and to our unmatched natural surroundings".

One-point-four million viewers, or 9.7% of Spanish audiences, tuned in last Monday at 10.43pm as RTVE aired “Comando al sol, Los Tops del verano” on channel one.

Two summertime workplace inspectors put the screws on job insecurity

foto pla lluita 2Three officials from the Balearic and Formentera public administrations —regional minister of employment, trade and industry Iago Negueruela, local trade secretary Alejandra Ferrer, and Balearic chief of employment, social economy and workplace health Isabel Castro— sat down this afternoon to tell Formentera about the plan to tackle employment insecurity in 2018.

Negueruela explained that one feature of the plan, which this year is in its fourth iteration, calls for two inspectors exclusively for Formentera. The pair, who arrived on the island at the start of July and will remain through the end of August, will be responsible for overseeing roughly 80 inspections.

According to Negueruela, 1,096 individuals have seen their workplace conditions improve in the last three years thanks to the plan. He nuanced his remarks by saying that the short-term nature of local jobs makes employment in the islands extremely precarious. The Balearic minister said that insecurity must be the focal point of any corrective strategy.

For her part, secretary Ferrer trumpeted the success of past versions of the scheme, touting their ability to hamper unfair competition, guarantee employee rights and take aim at job insecurity.

She also highlighted Formentera's historic participation in such efforts. With help from within the Council, the inspectors were able to find housing, which, in turn, made it possible to expand their patrols. Ferrer described the more expansive patrols as vital, “particularly since so many of Formentera's businesses open at eight in the evening”. “In the past, the inspectors came over on the ten a.m. ferry and left at six in the evening”, explained Ferrer, a fact which effectively shielded nighttime businesses from inspections.

Formentera puts out catalogue celebrating ten years of Sant Ferran art market

catalogo-mercat-2018--baja-def8As Sant Ferran's “art market” turns ten, the Formentera Council's department of trade and office of culture and patrimony have put together a catalogue remembering ten years' worth of art in the street. The visual stroll down memory lane comes with twenty-four uniquely special looks at the island representing an equally diverse spectrum of art forms.

The Sant Ferran market was born following the initiative of a small collective of plastic and visual artists moved by the prospect of sharing their art — amongst themselves, and with people in the street. The premise: to create a multidisciplinary space for lovers of creativity and culture. The catalogue is at once a nod to the market's past, and an invitation to rediscover a hub of exchange and dialogue between some of the island's most prominent artistic languages.

The market's ten-year trajectory is proof not only of the initiative's staying power, but also the warm reception it has enjoyed among islanders and visitors. Past and present artists include Maria Teresa Matilla, Nuria Fortuny, Claudia Maccarini, Juan Escudero, Emilia Brussoni, Anna Ametller, Mar Ample, Sandra González, Raquel Caramazana Bocanegra, Julie Aubrun, Francisco Lucas, Elena Montesinos, Muntsabee, Fabiana Schulz, Iván Arguedas, César Ordás, Olga López, Maria Isabel Escandell, Gabriel Raventós, Juan González and Pablitopablo.

The catalogue can be found at the stands of market vendors. They are there every day but Wednesday and Sunday.

In hat tip to runway show's first year, Formentera's Passarel·la returns to Sant Francesc

pasarela2018 ruedaprensa-1-This morning in Sant Francesc, CiF secretary of land, tourism and trade Alejandra Ferrer was joined by a group of designers including Elena Hurtado of Obi, Mathilde Rouanet of B7& Acho, Enric Majoral, and José Marcos Garzón of Ishvara, for a presentation of Formentera's eleventh Passarel·la de Moda.

Organisers' pick of Sant Francesc to stage the morning presentation was no accident: the catchphrase chosen for this year's show is 'Orígens' and the Passarel·la (Catalán for “runway” or “catwalk”) débuted in Sant Francesc. The event is set to take place next Friday June 29 at 10.00pm.

Amalia Mora, director of the Formentera Council's commerce department, is coordinating the Passarel·la, with presenting duties headed by Lilian Heinrichs, a familiar face for any frequent visitor to the island's libraries. The following is a list of participating creators, each with a close connection to the island:
Kavra Formentera, Molly Mallone, Janne Bikinis, B7 & Acho, Elena Hurtado (Obi) & Lorenzo Pepe, Ishvara, Michelle Crocitto, Isvhara, Macramé & Tito Solari, Eva Cardona, Majoral. Models at the event will be sourced by Eivissa firm Deva Models.

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