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Consell de Formentera reports on rules changes for local volunteers

reunio---voluntaris1The social welfare division of the Consell de Formentera hosted a gathering of representatives from volunteer groups on the island to discuss recently enacted legislation on volunteering in the Balearic Islands.

Social welfare conseller Rafa Ramírez talked to the crowd of roughly thirty about the principal changes ahead in how volunteer work is organised, and its uncoupling from public institutions. He pledged local government would “provide the support and impulse that local volunteering needs”. Yesterday, a group volunteers showed interest in creating an association that would coordinate training and organising.

Representatives of the Govern balear will be on Formentera on 22 November to host a training session for local volunteers. The Consell encourages everyone, in a group or solo, to take part in the event. As those in the crowd were reminded at last night’s event, 5 December is International Volunteering Day.

24 October 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Volunteer info session at Casal d’Entitats

voluntaris-el-dia-de-la-festa-1The social welfare division of the Consell de Formentera reports that this Wednesday 23 October the Casal d’Entitats will host an information session about volunteering.

Details will be provided about new legislation governing volunteer work in the Balearic Islands, efforts to create a local volunteer corps in compliance with the new rules, and workshops on 22 November and International Volunteer Day on 5 December. The info session is geared toward not only comapnies that work with volunteers, but regular islanders who work as voluneers themselves. For more information, contact rmi@conselldeformentera.cat

22 October 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Formentera dedicates October to trans* depathologisation

diatrans 2019 v6 imprimir-1-The equality and LGTBI arm of the Consell de Formentera announced its activities calendar for the International Day of Action for Trans Depathologisation, which falls on the third weekend in October. Department chief Vanessa Parellada said the programme is “about normalising a multiplicity of gender identities, making them more visible and upending the connotations of pathology that can cling to them”.

Tuesday 22 October at 8.00pm in the Marià Villangómez library a discussion/colloquium on Antoni Roig Roselló’s Todos los parques no son un paraíso with the author. Roig’s 1977 novel is based on first-person narration from Antoni, a man trapped between two loves: his religious calling and his sexual orientation. After publication, the novel became a finalist for the Planeta Award, and Roig himself was kicked out of the order of the Unshod Carmelites. The event will be moderated by Toni Martí (Sa clau de s’armari) and Miquel Costa (Espai_F).

Tuesday 29 October at 7.00pm, the Sala de Cultura-Cinema will screen Me llamo Violeta. At the core of the 76-minute documentary film is a declaration made by Ignacio, the six-year-old child of Nacho Vidal and Franceska Jaimes: “I’m a girl; my name’s Violeta”.

The moving exploration of gender diversity captivated crowds at the Málaga Film Festival, where it won Audience Pick, not to mention DocsBarcelona’s Amnesty International Prize. A discussion forum after the film with members of the group Transitam will also feature the first-hand experiences of the mother of a trans* youth and a person in transition.

Activities at the high school
A host of activities and workshops at IES Marc Ferrer this month are geared towards helping high school students learn about gender diversity and deconstruct stereotypes and the myth of romantic love. The idea, said Councillor Parellada, is to empower teens through education. “Adolescence is such a delicate time in life”, she said: “It’s when we’re constructing our identity”.

The activities programme is put together in partnership with other local government departments too, not least the Department of Culture, which has gone out of its way to create a space for LGTBIQ+ themes in the island’s panoply of cultural programming. “We need to be making sure sexual and gender diversity are the norm throughout society”, said Parellada. “That means all the time; not just the special occasions”.

16 October 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

This Thursday, Belén Alvite jump-starts lecture series for families and educational staff

cartell-xerrada-bele--n-alvite1This Thursday, the director of Eivissa’s Centre for Study and Prevention of Addictive Behaviour (Cepca), Belén Alvite, will lead a talk titled Bencriats: Claus per educar els nostres fills i filles (Raised right: Keys to educating our children)—the first in a series of lectures for families and educational personnel that is scheduled to take place at the Centre de Dia.

Presented by the Department of Social Welfare with help from the education office, teachers’ resource centre (CEP) and Federation of Parents’ Associations (FAPA), "Xerrades per a famílies i docents" is a nine-part lecture series which culminates on 7 May. Talks take place in the Centre de Dia’s multipurpose room, or sala polivalent, and daycare is provided.

8 October 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Programme for families and teachers gets started with talk on keys to educating kids

poster-families3The Departments of Social Welfare and Education of the Consell de Formentera report that 10 October will mark the start of Xerrades per a famílies i docents (“Talks for families and teachers”), a series of two-hour lectures set to run through 7 May in the multipurpose room of the Centre de Dia. The social welfare office of the Consell puts on the initiative, with additional help from the education department, the local teachers’ resource centre (CEP) and the Formentera chapter of the Federation of Parents’ Associations (FAPA).

The opening talk, titled “Bencriats: Claus per educar els nostres fills i filles”, will be led by Belén Alvite, the head of the Eivissa Centre for Study and Prevention of Addictive Behaviour (Cepca).

A two-part objective drives the deep-dives: to help families and educational staff sharpen their strengths to stop problematic behaviour like bullying or drug- and alcohol-use before it starts, and to give support to the two groups in their roles as family members and educators.

Social welfare councillor Rafa Ramírez described the gatherings as “spaces of information and learning, where improved educational experiences and strategies to develop the whole child emerge thanks to experience sharing and group reflection”.

Each event in the nine-part series starts at 5.00pm in the Centre de Dia’s sala polivalent (multipurpose room) on 10 October. Daycare will be provided.

Bencriats: Claus per educar els nostres fills i filles (Raised right: Keys to teaching our children)
Belén Alvite
10 October

Nens bons i dolents: El perill de les etiquetes (Good and bad kids: The trouble with labels)
Alberto Soler
14 November

Fortnite…oci o addicció? (Fortnite...recreation or addiction?)
Andreu Alba
28 November

Tic Toc, Instagram, Snapchat…? Coneixeu per on es mouen els vostres fills i filles? (Do you know what your sons and daughters are into on their phones?)
Belén Alvite
12 December

Com parlar de sexualitat amb els nostres fills? (How do we talk about sexuality with our children?)
Teresa Ramos
30 January

A la vora d’un atac de nervis! (On the verge of a nervious breakdown!)
Iván Castro
6 February

Què vol dir menjar bé? (What does ‘healthy eating’ mean?)
Marina Ribas
12 March

Recompenses i càstigs en polèmica (Analysing the carrot and stick)
Estela Berenguer
30 April

Com parlar amb els i les nostres fills i filles adolescents (Talking with our adolescent children)
Carles Ventura
7 May

For more information, contact the social welfare department by telephoning 971.321.271 or sending an email to educaciosocial@conselldeformentera.cat.

4 October 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

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