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Consell offers free Catalan course to thirty recent arrivals in primary school

The Formentera Office of Language Policy (Conselleria de Politica Lingùistica/CPL) is pleased to announce it will host a free course for primary school pupils new to the Catalan language. Approximately thirty children will be divided into two small groups: one for years three and four and another for years five and six. Classes start Monday 8 November in the Catalan room of the old Sant Ferran school.

Councillor of Language Policy Raquel Guasch stressed the initiative was about "facilitating the support that children and their families receive, and making sure that resources to grow familiar with the language are within their reach". Councillor Guasch said the idea was "to associate Catalan with a positive experience through dynamic and playful activities, and encourage schoolchildren to use the language outside the classroom".

5 November 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

216 enrolled in Catalan classes offered by Consell de Formentera

foto 2021 cursos tardor catalaThe Formentera Language Advisory Service (Servei d'Assessorament Lingüístic, SAL) is pleased to announce the start of the first round of Catalan courses for adult learners. Courses will be offered at the A2, B1, B2 and C1 levels, with 216 students across 11 groups.

According to Councillor of Language Policy Raquel Guasch, the classes are about "ensuring everyone who wants to learn Catalan can do so, which is why the courses continue to be free and timetables are designed based on the possible profiles of students.

Classes are held at the Sant Ferran Cultural Space (Espai Cultural de Sant Ferran, formerly CEIP Sant Ferran de ses Roques), where two classrooms allow the SAL to meet this year's high demand. They are scheduled to end in February 2022, in time for the official exams administered by the Balearic government. According to its website, the Directorate General for Language Policy will begin registration for the exams in November.

Apart from these courses, the second week of November will see the start of Catalan classes for workers at the Formentera hospital. After courses held during the summer, this time there will be four groups for four distinct levels. Aimed at facilitating Catalan-language learning for health workers, the offer stems from an agreement between the island's government and the Hospital.

21 October 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

"Talks for families and teachers" returns with new lectures from October to May

The Formentera Office of Social Welfare is pleased to announce plans for nine new lectures as part of the 'Talks for families and teachers' (Xerrades per a famílies i docents) which turns four this year. Talks run from October to May and are supported by the Teachers' Resource Centre (Centre de Professorat) and local parents' associations.

Led by José Ruiz Sánchez, a doctor of philosophy, speaker and the author of such books as "El arte de pensar", the first of the talks will offer tips to helping children become critical thinkers. The talk will be held on 21 October at 5.00pm in the Consell de Formentera Sala de Plens, located next to the Day Centre.

Councillor Ramírez highlighted his pleasure at being able to deliver an entirely face-to-face programme, insisting that the resulting "space for learning and exchanging ideas and experiences" was "ideal for preventing the development of problematic behaviour and providing support to families and teachers on the island in their respective tasks".

Programme 'Talks for families and teachers'

21 October: "Helping our children become critical thinkers", José Carlos Ruiz.
11 November: "Intentional eating. The art of being present at the table", Lydia Micó.
25 November: "With positive education, everyone wins", Cristina Torres.
20 January: "Teens today. Love and educate them when they need it most'", Jaume Funes.
10 February: "The Internet and pornography, what do we do as families",  Lluís Ballester.
10 March: "What if my son or daughter uses drugs?", Alicia Bustos.
31 March: "How to raise kids not to endure or inflict violence", Marina Marroquí.
7 April: "Supporting children and families through loss and grief", Belén Calafell.
5 May: "Emotional education for families and teachers", Raül Genovés.

All sessions will start at 5.00pm in the Consell de Formentera Sala de Plens. Daycare will be provided. Children must wear masks and health and safety measures in force will be upheld. Interested parties should reserve their spot in advance by emailing educaciosocial@conselldeformentera.cat or by calling 971 321 271.

18 October 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

cartell 2021-2022 xerrades

Teacher gives name to new access road to Sant Ferran school

foto 2021 carrer MMF AThe Consell de Formentera has installed signposts christening the new street which grants access to the freshly opened Sant Ferran school. Concerning Maria Mayans Ferrer, who, (as historian Fanny Tur Riera notes in her article "Mestres de Formentera: les primeres escoles") census data indicate she worked as a teacher on the island in 1871. Mention of Mayans also appears in Arturo Pérez-Cabrero’s “Guía del turista” in 1909, when she taught at the Sant Francesc girls' school.

Consell de Formentera President Alejandra Ferrer welcomed the decision, agreed in a full-house assembly of local government, to celebrate a female educator on signage so closely tied to the world of education. Ferrer highlighted the Consell’s longstanding commitment to promoting equality, as well as the tendency of the figures of relevance commemorated in place names to be men. “Now is the time to look for women who have been important to our community and to spotlight their work", she said.

8 October 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

Local and regional officials tour Sant Ferran’s new school and nursery

foto 2021 visita escolaAEarlier today Consell de Formentera President Alejandra Ferrer was joined by two regional government representatives —First Minister Francina Armengol and Minister of Education and Vocational Training Martí March— on a visit of the new primary school and nursery (escoleta) in Sant Ferran. Also on hand at the gathering were Margalida Ferrer, the Balearic Ministry of Education’s envoy in the Pine Islands; Antoni Morante, the director general of the regional office of planning, management and centres; school administrative staff and the parents’ association at the school.

President Ferrer welcomed the opening of the new buildings and said they were “the object of enormous demand among islanders”. She also praised the school’s parents’ association for their collaboration and “their immense patience”, adding a special word for the “Herculean efforts of administrative and teaching staff”. The president asserted that the two freshly opened centres were a reflection of “this administration’s commitment to quality education for zero to three year olds, in terms of both material and human resources”.

First Minister Armengol called it “a very important day for the island of Formentera” and applauded “islanders’ patience during this long wait”. “These schools were the object of great demand”, continued Armengol. “Our dream was to keep moving the Govern’s educational policies forward”, she confided, “and this is a dream come true”.

A new nursery and primary school valued at nearly €7M

With a budget of €6.7 million, plans for the new school and nursery called for a building that could accommodate two classes at each grade level: six pre-primary classrooms (for children aged three to six) and twelve primary rooms (for ages six to twelve). All told, there is capacity for 450 pupils. The school sits on a 11,037m2 plot located on the outskirts of Sant Ferran and next to the municipal nursery, which also accommodates 74 children (aged zero to three) and two groups per grade level. At present, the Sant Ferran Primary School has 328 pupils and 30.5 teachers.

The building is comb-shaped; its spine, which runs parallel to the access road, features administrative offices, an assembly hall with street access and a canteen. The canteen is shared by the school and nursery and doubles as a space to accommodate early arrivals.

The primary school is split into three pavilions; the first contains common areas like the library, computer lab, teachers' lounge and multi-purpose room as well as support and small-group classrooms. Meanwhile, the other two pavilions are home to 12 standard classroom units, situated on either side of a central corridor.

A porch area shared by the nursery and pre-primary school separates the recreational areas of these levels from the primary school playground. It also serves to communicate the playgrounds of the nursery and pre-primary school. The primary school gymnasium is located at the back of these modules.

Building costs for the pre-primary and primary school were covered by the Balearic Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, while Formentera’s government picked up the tab for the municipal nursery. All told, total investment topped €6.7 million. The school sits on a 11,037 m2 plot located on the outskirts of Sant Ferran. In total, construction of the nursery required investment from local government to the tune of €1,118,000 .

The new nursery has a classroom for one to two year olds and a classroom for two to three year olds — age groups that were previously covered at Escoleta des Camí Vell pending construction of the new centre. Only two of the building’s six classrooms are currently in use, with the other rooms entering into activity as needs require.

Designated a priority in the Balearic Ministry of Education’s Educational Infrastructure Plan (2016-2023), the new school is one example of the attempt to meet needs for educational infrastructure in an orderly and objective way in the region.

The Directorate General of European Funding chose the new schools for financing from the REACT-EU fund as part of the European Union’s COVID-19 pandemic response, part of the ERDF Operational Programme 2014-2020 for the Balearic Islands.

30 September 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

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