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Formentera dona suport a l’acord dels governs balear i valencià per elaborar una proposta de nou Pla de gestió de la zona pesquera pitiüsa

reunio---pesca-al-consell-d-ei1Representants del Consell de Formentera han participat avui en la reunió de les autoritats de Pesca dels governs de les Illes Balears, del País Valencià i de les confraries de pescadors celebrada al Consell d’Eivissa i que ha tractat de les problemàtiques que afecten el sector a les Pitiüses.

Una d’aquestes problemàtiques és l'actual legislació reguladora de l'activitat dels vaixells d'arrossegament peninsulars que pesquen en aigües profundes dels caladors d'Eivissa i Formentera, una norma que es considera que té mancances i que s'hauria de revisar.

De la trobada n’ha sortit l'acord de crear una comissió de treball conjunta per tal d'elaborar una nova proposta de Pla de gestió de la zona pesquera. Aquesta es faria arribar posteriorment al Govern de l'Estat.

En la reunió s’han abordat també d’altres problemàtiques comunes, com les pràctiques il·legals en la pesca de la tonyina i amb el llançament de peces mortes a la mar, cosa que provoca importants danys a les barques d'arrossegament, especialment a les alacantines que treballen als caladors de les Pitiüses.

Police use drones to tackle illegal vending at ses Illetes

foto dron 2This Tuesday the Formentera local police, partnering with drone pilots from the force in Sant Josep, engaged in a special sting operation targetting illegal itinerant vending in Illetes.

Devised at the headquarters of Formentera's local law enforcement with assistance from the Sant Josep force's chief of robotic process automations and drone operations, the sting was a feature of a partnership aimed at providing support for special circumstances—Formentera's understaffed force, for example, and spikes in illicit vending across the island and, especially, at Illetes.

Bartomeu Escandell, the secretary of the president's office and head of the local police, welcomed the Sant Josep local police force's help and highlighted the importance of going after itinerant vending, saying it “hurts local business and is at odds with the tranquility we seek to offer our visitors”.

With the help of drone-driven air surveillance, police detected the vendors' supply points and were able to decomission them. Plus, equipped with info from the drones, agents stationed at Illetes caught multiple vendors in action and were able to bring charges.

Fourteen bottles of alcohol and refreshments, as well cups and other cocktail-making materials, were turned up as part of the sting operation, not to mention 11 parasols, a tent, 186 cans and bottles of water and other refreshments, 63 pieces of costume jewellery, 88 pieces of fruit (pineapples and coconuts) and 60 dresses and beach blankets.

Though understaffed, Formentera's local police force has overseen similar small-scale operations since June, logging 49 cases of itinerant vending. All told, they have confiscated 346 dresses and wraparound skirts, 664 pieces of fruit, 300 bottled or canned refreshments and 63 pieces of costume jewellery.

More such special operations combining technology with manpower will be carried out through the summer.

Jaume Ferrer says 70% of Formentera patients still can't get CAT scans

foto TAC 1This morning Formentera Council president Jaume Ferrer joined Patricia Gómez, the regional health secretary, on a tour of the new radiology facilities, including cutting-edge CT scan equipment, at Formentera hospital. Ferrer welcomed efforts from within the Govern and, in particular, the regional department of health, to enable suffering individuals and their families to obtain care on the island—“one reason it was so important to have CT scan equipment here on Formentera”, he said.

Despite the warm words, Ferrer asserted the time to celebrate was still some distance away. Only appointments that don't require a contrasting angle are being conducted. According to the president, that means “the patients that do need a contrasted viewpoint and could be benefitting from CAT scans—seventy per cent of the total—aren't able to do so”. “We need to continue working so they can take advantage of this service as soon as possible”, said Ferrer.

Council contributes €24k for local seniors clubs

img 1448-1-Today Formentera Council president Jaume Ferrer put his signature on partnership deals with the island's four retirees and pensioners clubs. The administration gives the clubs €24,000 annually, funding which is intended to cover maintenance and service upgrades as well as outreach, activities coordination at the community level and collaboration with other associations over the course of 2018.

For the Council's €9,000 deal with the retirees and pensioners club of Sant Francesc, Ferrer signed an agreement with club president Margarita Sanchís. Rita Costa, president of a similar “social and senior centre” in Sant Ferran, oversaw confirmation of her group's €6,500 funding package. Maria Costa, chief of the la Savina retirees and pensioners club, saw to signing her own group's €4,500 endowment into effect, while the administration's €4,000 contribution to the la Mola association for the elderly was formalised by Jaume Escandell, the association's president.

Council extends partnership with hometown NGO

img 1436-1-Formentera Council president Jaume Ferrer sat down today with the head of the NGO Formenterers Solidaris, Maria Costa, to sign a €3,000 deal to support development cooperation in developing regions of the world and educational initiatives on the island in 2018.

The humanitarian group (formenterer is the Catalan term for a Formentera native; solidari roughly translates as “charitable”) is a non-profit built around outreach and social development initiatives in support of segments of society which have been dealt an uneven hand due to factors like income, age, sex or legal situation.

The Formentera Council and Formenterers Solidaris share a set of common causes, which, together with the administration's economic contribution, are enshrined in the present collaborative agreement. The assistance will cover:
-Creation and management of cooperation and development projects in developing countries.
-Organisation of talks, round tables, forums, exhibitions and conferences.
-Expenditures on equipment and materials for day-to-day operations.
-Fundraising drives and collections for underprivileged regions of the world.
-Administration of food donations from the Formentera Council.
-Initiatives in support of socially disadvantaged groups on the island.

Also on hand at the morning ceremony were social welfare chief Vanessa Parellada and Teresa Costa, secretary of Formenterers Solidaris.

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