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Formentera Council christens fresh configurationon

ple2019-1-Today, the first full-house assembly of a dawning legislative session of the Formentera Council came with confirmation of a newly configured organisational structure and the roster of councilmembers set to head administration departments.

A coalition between Gent per Formentera (GxF) and the Socialist Worker's Party (PSIB-PSOE), the governing team is composed of Alejandra Ferrer (president and councillor of planning and tourism), Ana Juan (vice-president and councillor of housing, trade and entrepreneurship), Susana Labrador (deputy vice-president and councillor of culture and education), Rafael Ramírez (associate vice-president and councillor of social welfare, governance and transparency), Bartomeu Escandell (economy, tax office and general services councillor), Antonio Sanz (environment and inspection services), Rafael González (mobility and land), Raquel Guasch (patrimony, language policies and training), Josep Marí (infrastructure, primary sector and interior), Vanessa Parellada (youth services, citizen participation, new technologies, equality and LGTBI) and Paula Ferrer (sport, human resources and island services).

Of the new governing team's 11 consellers, or “councillors”, six belong to GxF (spokesperson: Bartomeu Escandell) and five to PSIB-PSOE Formentera (spokesperson: Rafael Ramírez). The opposition party, Sa Unió de Formentera, is a coalition of the People's Party (PP) and Compromís that comprises Lorenzo Córdoba (spokesperson), Ana Negre, Verónica Castelló, Javier Serra, Cristina Costa and Óscar Portas.

Appointed positions were announced as well, including chief of tourism promotions Carlos Bernús, communications chief Elena Trinidad and president's office secretary Isabel Juan.

Councilmembers were united in their backing of a motion to set plenary sessions at 9.00am on the last Friday of every month.

Wage structure
With “yes” votes from the governing team and despite the abstention of Sa Unió, councilmembers granted approval to proposed governing team remuneration, compensation for session attendance and political party allowances.

Wages for the full-time offices of the president, vice-presidents and councillors are identical to the previous term. The president receives €52,950.00 in gross yearly compensation, the vice-presidents receive €51,400.00 and five councillors with full-time positions receive €50,300.00. Councillor Raquel Guasch, who is on a 10-hour per week scheme, will earn €13,413.33 in annual pay.

Assemblymembers approved a €34,794.79 pay arrangement for Sa Unió Formentera's (maximum two) designated full-time or part-time opposition councillors. Councillors without a pay arrangement will receive €200 for attending ordinary and extraordinary sessions of the Formentera Council plenary assembly, and €120 to attend gatherings of advisory committees.

With the support of the governing team and despite a “no” from the opposition, assemblymembers passed a wages plan covering €42,000.00 for the chief of tourism promotions, €35,000.00 for the communications chief and €30,000.00 for the secretary of the president's office.

8 July 2019
Office of Communication
Formentera Council

Introducing incoming Formentera Council leadership

visita-nou-equip-de-governv31The Formentera Council president's office reports that the days ahead will come with key appointments within the new administration. Alejandra Ferrer, who was appointed president on Saturday, 15 June, will also head the offices of planning and tourism. Ana Juan, for her part, will assume the first vice president's office, as well as the departments of housing, seniors, trade and entrepreneurialship.

Aside from her assignment as the second vice president, Susana Labrador will also oversee culture and education. Rafael Ramírez will be third vice president, while also taking on social welfare, operations and transparency.

Rafael González is councillor of mobility and land; Raquel Guasch the councillor of patrimony, language policies and training; Pep Mari infrastructure, primary sector and interior; Antonio Sanz environment and inspections; Vanessa Parellada youth, civic engagement, new technologies, equality and LGTBI; Paula Ferrer sport, human resources and island services; and Bartomeu Escandell, tax office, economy and general services.

On a visit this morning of the departments (conselleries), chiefs met and exchanged a few words with personnel.

Trusted, government-appointed posts
Isabel Juan will be appointed secretary of the president's office, Elena Trinidad press chief and Carlos Bernús tourism chief.

As a shared presidency, the senior post will be occupied the first 28 months of the legislative term (until 15 October 2021) by Alejandra Ferrer. Ana Juan will take over duties for the final twenty months.

18 June 2019
Office of Communication
Formentera Council

Special full-house assembly

DSCN1072The Formentera Council convened today for its final plenary assembly of the 2015-2019 legislative session. The one-off gathering served to submit for review the minutes of the full-house assembly that was held on 23 May 2019, the last of the current legislative term. Pictured in the photo are the members of the political parties present at the day's gathering.

12 June 2019
Office of Communication
Formentera Council

Artist Gilbert Herreyns donates work

foto-donacio---obra-gilbert-he1Formentera Council president Jaume Ferrer and painter Gilbert Herreyns took steps to make official Herreyns' donation of a painting titled “Entre la terra i el cel” to the Council. In 2018 the artist staged an exhibit by the name same at Sa Tanca Vella and committed afterwards to making the donation.

Acrylic and tempera on canvas, the work measures 225cm by 110cm and is on display in the Office of Culture of the administration. President Ferrer welcomed the gift, which will now become property of the CiF. Herreyns is a Belgian artist who has split his time between Eivissa and Formentera since 1971.

Pictured are Herreyn's wife Neus Riera, President Ferrer, Herreyns and Manolo de Oya, who is the exhibit's curator and a representative of Espai F.

11 June 2019
Office of Communication
Formentera Council

Job opening for lifeguard

SocorristesThe Formentera Council human resources office reports that in anticipation of the high season crunch it is listing an opening for a lifeguard on local beaches.

All those interested can register their candidature at the SOIB (Balearic job seekers' service) until 9 June. Candidates must have completed supervision and assistance training for lifeguard and rescue operations.

4 June 2019
Office of Communication
Formentera Council

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