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Culture and Historical heritage

Formentera Council names Punta Pedrera quarries study winner of research grant

The CiF patrimony department reports that a project titled “Cultural landscape of Formentera. Studying the dynamics of stone extraction and use throughout history” (Paisaje cultural de Formentera. Estudio de las dinámicas de explotación y uso de la piedra a lo largo de la historia) has been awarded the Formentera Council's 2018 research grant. The project will be led by Anna Artina, who holds a bachelor's in Art History and a master's in Classical Archaeology, and is currently a predoctoral researcher affiliated with Institut Catalpa d'Arqueologia Clàssica.

Nine researchers submitted grant requests to the Council. From a review based on scientific interest, coherency and methodology as well as the researchers' past experience, Artina's study emerged with the highest score. The Council's €6,000 grant will help ensure the research goes forward.

The project researchers' anticipated study of quarries in the punta de sa Pedrera area of the island is conceived as a pioneering attempt to pinpoint and grapple with the sites in a geomorphological context and detail the characteristics of stone extraction. Plans include conducting a historical and archaeological study of work processes from ancient to modern times in an effort to link manufactured stone construction, the selection of specific natural areas on the island and extraction techniques used to obtain the raw material.

From a scientific viewpoint the project is interesting because Formentera's marès (limestone) quarries constitute ethnological and archaeological heritage which has scarcely been documented and that has yet to undergo systematic study. The CiF culture and patrimony councillor hailed the initiative behind the project—“it will help thicken the texture of understanding around this part of our cultural heritage”.

Formentera Council
Àrea de Comunicació
March 6 2019

Ibizan troupe Clownidoscopio presents latest, “Refugi”, Saturday at cinema

foto-refugi-11The Formentera Council's culture department reports that at 6.00pm Saturday March 9 islanders will be able to catch Refugi performed at the Sala de Cultura (cinema). Produced by the Clownidoscopio company, the 50-minute show costs three euros to attend.

In Refugi, the duo formed by Ibizans David Novell and Monma Mingot combine their signature strengths —lyricism, wit and joy— with acutely honed chops as clowns, to present a keen and gentle yet powerful look at human relations. Culture councillor Susana Labrador encouraged islanders to “come to a show that is guaranteed fun for the whole family” and “enjoy an evening of culture with their children”.

Last year Clownidoscopio dazzled us with Fràgil, a family-friendly show in which the fusion of laughter and poetry invited audiences to uncover life's mysteries.

Two characters, two realities. In one reality, the figure makes every effort to feel safe where he is (refuge). The person in the other, meanwhile, has lost everything and flees in search of a new place in the world (refugee).

How can these two realities occupy the same space? Refugi offers a lighthearted, magical look at a conflict that is universal, a voyage through empathy and respect with the poetry and humour of clowns. We all need to find our own place in the world, and places, in the end, are merely the sum of legions of human stories.

Refugi is the first of its kind: a co-production between the Fundacions Teatre Principal of Palma and Maó; Institut d'Estudis Baleàrics; the Eivissa council; the Santa Eulària des Riu town council; Sa Xerxa, a regional youth theatre group; the Clownidoscopio company, and, as of 2019, the Formentera Council. Refugi is also included in the l'Illa a Escena programme.

Formentera celebrates regional holiday with music, gastronomy and sport

dia-de-les-illes-1At 12 noon today, plaça de la Constitució became the scene of the Formentera Council's celebration of Dia de les Illes Balears—“Balearic Islands Day”—and an address by CiF deputy chair Susana Labrador. Labrador spoke of the Balearic parliament's passing of legislation for Formentera's environmental and financial sustainability as the milestone event of the year, calling it “a tool that will put us in charge of how many vehicles we want on the island, thus preserving the tranquility that has made the island so well loved among islanders and tourists alike”. Labrador, who is also councillor of culture and patrimony, wrapped up her speech by decrying the fact the Mediterranean Sea is becoming “a graveyard for thousands and thousands of individuals who come to our country in search of a new life”. “We must be a voice for all the victims who have been silenced”, said the councillor, “Today, a day of togetherness, let's raise our voices against this injustice. We can't be a just society if we contribute to the silence”.

Immediately after Labrador's address the spotlight turned to local dance troupes es Pastorells and es Xacoters, who offered a demonstration of the valuable and intangible heritage that —thanks in no small measure to the troupes' dedication and efforts— has endured to today.

Afterwards attendees were treated to a sampling of signature local food like coca bread, octopus and orelletes.

The programme continues this evening with an 8.00pm concert in la Mola's Casa del Poble. IMARÀNTIA (Maria José Cardona on vocals and guitar and Miquel Brunet on piano) will be joined by Majorcan group GO CACTUS, winners of Art Jove 2018.

The day's celebrations cover a wide array of sporting events as well, like the seventh Balearic basketball tournament, which began yesterday (Thursday) in the Antoni Blanc fitness centre and ends today (Friday). Teams from around the region are participating in the fixture.

There are two other special items on the programme. One goes from today to Sunday and is the Balearic Class Techno 293 windsurfing championship. The other takes place tomorrow (Saturday) and is the eighth Formentera All Round Trial.

La Mola school children take part in audio-visual workshop with Formentera Film Festival creative forces

taller-stop-motion alumnes-de-1The Formentera Council's culture department reports that yesterday and today (Monday and Tuesday, March 4-5), the organisers of the Formentera Film Festival hosted an audio-visual workshop, led by Viviana Carlet and Carlo Migotto, for school children in la Mola.

The workshop, says Mónica Timperi, is about “guiding children through the process of creating an audiovisual product with stop-motion”. For those who hear the name and think animation, the FFF director assures it is more than that: “We envision the project as a journey across the creation of a project that will embody pupils' creative originality”.

By the end of the workshop, the children had created an animated video that would become the official presentation video for Formentera Film 2019. The video will be projected every night at the start of the festival, which is scheduled to take place May 16-19.

Next Sunday March 3 is Carnaval on Formentera

carnaval18-premsa-21The Formentera Council's culture and festivities department unveiled today the administration's planned celebrations for Carnaval 2019. The event is programmed to kick off in Sant Francesc on Sunday March 3. After a 11.00am roundup where participants can sign up to take part in the day's fancy-dress contest, parade walkers will set out from the sa Senieta car park and tour the town's main roads. Musical duties at this year's event will be handled by DJ Dani Pérez.

Procession circuit
The parade route begins on avinguda del Pla del Rei, continues down carrer d'Eivissa until plaça de la Constitució and makes its first loop crossing carrer de Jaume I. From there, revellers along carrers Santa Maria and Marc Ferrer will cheer the parade as participants make their way back up to the city square. Walkers in the parade are expected to be at Constitució square by roughly 1.30pm for Zum-Zum Theatre's Hippos.

As the parade comes to an end, DJ Blue and DJ Dani Pérez will usher Carnaval-goers through a dance party that will go till 2.00pm, when S.D. Formentera have planned a community luncheon. Food for all those in fancy dress is free.  Culture and festivities councillor Susana Labrador encouraged the island to get their costumes ready and come join the celebration that's “well-loved among young and old alike” and where “imagination and a bit of tongue in cheek are always in full effect”.

Anyone in a costume can take part in the fancy-dress contest and be eligible for these cash prizes:

Adult individual: First place €200 - Second place €150
Kids' individual: First place €100 - Second place €60
Pairs: First place €300 - Second place €200
Families: First place €300 - Second place €200
Groups of 3 to 10: First place €400 - Second place €250
Large groups [over 10]: First place €500 - Second place €350
Floats [with vehicle]: First place €950 - Second place €650

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