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Formentera cinema turns 30

Foto cinema sala de cultura The Formentera Council's Office of Culture reports that this year the island's cinema, or Sala Municipal de Cultura, will celebrate thirty years since opening.

The story of Formentera's “Hall of Culture” can be traced to the commemoration of Sant Jaume in 1987 and a conference which included the participation of historian Joan Marí Cardona. The stable, uninterrupted programming the Sala is known for today would begin a year later, on February 20, 1988, when, with the help of professionalised management, it was transformed into a multipurpose, 268-person capacity hall that played both as a centre for cultural programming and meeting place. What better pretext for the task than cinema, one of the most transcendent languages of artistic expression in modern society.

Thirty years after the Sala's first audiences saw La Misión, the site is a premier cultural outpost in constant renovation. The cinema's switch to digital was an expression of this, part of the Sala's passion for innovation in the service of islanders. It is this that makes the Sala a motor for up-to-date, stable film programming every Friday and Sunday of the year.

The cinema also hosts stage productions, music and dance series, conferences, book talks and theatre for kids, and serves as a backdrop for performing arts courses in theatre and dance.

Thirty-year celebration
To celebrate the event, at 9.00pm on Tuesday, February 20, the cinema will give a free screening of La Bamba, a film that originally ran the last week of March, in 1988, and generated the cinema's largest showing to date.

Tickets this weekend and next (February 16, 18, 23 and 25) are specially priced at €3. On Saturday the 24th, following Evocación, a recital by Formentera municipal school of music and dance teachers Nieves Portas and Jose Jaime Hidalgo de la Torre, light hors-d'oeuvres and cava will be served.

The Formentera Council would like to thank all the individuals whose efforts have made cinema possible on the island over the last thirty years.

As performing arts initiative keeps kicking, La Fornal dazzles Formentera audiences with 'adventures of Gepeto and Pinocchio'

foto gepeto i pinotxoThis weekend Formentera's Office of Culture and Festivities presents Les aventures de Gepeto i Pinotxo, a show for the whole family included in the Illa a Escena initiative to promote theatre.

La Fornal arrives with their take on the classic which, penned by Carlo Collodi in the late 19th century, unfolds in a tiny Italian village, where two old friends meet and decide to build a puppet. Their creation, Pinotxo, will be the son Gepeto has always wanted. But, a born troublemaker, the little wooden boy will be anything but what his father had in mind. Pinotxo's assorted adventures will leave him open to everything from disappointment and frustration to the splendour of becoming a real boy.

Tickets for the production, which hits Formentera's Sala de Cultura at 6.00pm on Saturday, February 17, are three euros.

Set in a room not much larger than a playpen, the show presents a wash of on-stage techniques which position it somewhere between storytelling and classical theatre. Props come to life, shadows are a source of light and puppets help the audience get their bearings.

The show is part of TALENT IB 2018, an initiative of the Govern's Institut d'Estudis Baleàrics.

The troupe
With over 25 years' experience under their belts and a dedicated venue to call home, La Fornal d'Espectacles offer a supportive, creative space for their member artists' independently-run projects.

The team disembark this weekend on Formentera for a performance on Saturday, February 17 at 6.00pm in the cinema. Tickets for the 50-minute show are three euros and available at the box office the day of the event.

YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=5&v=m0gQqBiYO5A

This Friday at the Sant Francesc library, Cristina Brunet tells the tale of Martina's toys

contacontes les joguines de la martina 2The Formentera Council's Office of Culture reports that this Friday, February 16 at 6.00pm, youngsters of the island are invited to attend an evening of storytelling at the Marià Villangómez library.

This week kids are treated to Les joguines de la Martina (something like “Martina's toys” for English-speaking audiences), a performance by Cristina Brunet which, through puppet-work and compositions that Brunet performs live on a host of instruments-turned-stage props, encompasses a breadth of artistic and theatrical forms of expression.

Martina, a tale-teller, prowls the world for new stories that she can spin for children. Not just any old story tale will do, though. Martina was born with a gift: she can talk with toys, and listens as they recount their roving and playful adventures whilst the tots of the world sleep.

We'll meet Toni, whose teddy bear is a bit of a scaredy-cat; a bean-bag frog whose fillings are foiled by some nibbling house-mice; a wee race-horse who, somewhat absent-mindedly, takes a tumble down a staircase and a piglet who guards religiously the coins Aineta slips into her back.

It's a music- and colour-filled show that will get school-children into the spirit and singing along to the tunes of Martina.

This Sunday on the island, Carnaval is back

Carnaval-formentera-19 gThe Office of Culture and Festivities announce the celebration this Sunday, February 11 in Sant Francesc, of Carnaval. After a 11.00am roundup where participants can sign up to take part in the day's fancy-dress contest, parade walkers will set out from the sa Senieta car park and tour the town's main roads. Musical duties at this year's event will be handled by the group Aiye Batucada.

The parade route begins on avinguda del Pla del Rei, occupying the bus lane to avoid the roundabout and continuing down carrer d'Eivissa until plaça de la Constitució. From there, revellers along carrers Santa Maria and Marc Ferrer will cheer the parade as participants make their way up carrer Jaume I and return to the city square.

Winners of the fancy-dress contest will be eligible for these cash prizes:

Adult individual
First place €200
Second place €150

Kids' individual
First place €100
Second place €60

First place €300
Second place €200

First place €300
Second place €200

Large groups [over 10]
First place €500
Second place €350

Floats [with vehicle]
First place €950
Second place €650

As the parade comes to an end, DJ Blue and DJ Javi Box will usher Carnaval-goers through a dance party that will go till 2.00pm, when Mestre Lluís Andreu primary school's parents' and teachers' association has planned a lunch to raise money for year-end trips. Food for all those in fancy dress is free.

Cash to rebuild drystone walls, bury cabling and restore cultural heritage sites

Pou MarianetThe Formentera Council's Offices of Patrimony and Rural Affairs wish to announce the forthcoming publications of a call for applications for funding to repair drystone walls, bury power or telephone cables and restore, conserve, consolidate or rehabilitate cultural heritage sites on the island. Adopted during a March 9, 2017 meeting of a committee of the Formentera Council, the conditions were published in the Balearic Islands' official gazette, el BOIB, on March 21, 2017.

Requirements to request assistance
Applications for help undertaking drystone wall and heritage site projects will be accepted from individuals who own, rent or otherwise use the site in question.

Cash for projects to underground existing power and telephone cables can be requested by parties who are directly affected by or simply interested in a project's realisation. If multiple parties are involved, a representative should be named who will facilitate contact with the administration.

Conditions and funding limits
For rebuilds or replacement of materials in walls, the administration will cover up to 60% of the project cost. Likewise, it will offer €40/m2, up to €15,000, if the landowner carries out the work directly.

In addition to subsidising the cost of executing work, the Council will also consider requests to subsidise project engineering costs and costs of conducting studies of historic buildings.

Deadline and place of submission
Applications must be submitted to the Citizen's Information Office, located at carrer Ramon Llull, 6, within 30 days of the date of publication of the call for applications on the BOIB website. Late applications, though kept on file, will not be reviewed.

Aid recipients must agree to post a plaque delivered by the Council in a visible space on the drystone wall. Cash awards may be revoked if this last condition is not met.

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