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When Engruna Teatre hits Formentera with 'Codi Postal 00', it's a family affair

Codigo marThe CiF Office of Culture and Festivities welcomes Codi Postal 00, a family stage production here under the banner of the island's eleventh Children's Theatre Festival (Mostra d'Espectacles Infantils). Tailored for kids three and up, the fifty-minute show is part of Illa a Escena (“Island on Stage”) and opens at the cinema at 6.00pm on Saturday, November 25. Tickets (€3) are available at the box office the day of the show.

Codi Postal 00 is also included in PLATEA, an initiative of INAEM (National Institute for the Performing Arts and Music), an offshoot of Spain's Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport dedicated to taking premier productions of the Spanish theatre circuit to nationwide audiences.

The unusual post office known as Codi Postal 00 traffics in letters and care packages. Is there anything that frightens you? Perhaps something that's stolen your heart? If there's anything at all you'd like to get off your chest, write it in a letter, and the postmen and women of Codi Postal 00 will see that it gets where it needs to go! The office is filled with an endless array of stories: of love, travels, secrets... A magical, one of a kind experience in the world of communication.

The troupe
Ruth Garcia and Mireia Fernández, the two actresses of Engruna Teatre, wanted to create their own language for the stage, and saw a family-friendly theatre company as the way to do it. They set out to woo and dazzle young and old, and create a world that was at once personal and visual, traditional and innovative. Using theatrics, puppetry, objects, Chinese shadows, video and music, they concoct a magical universe that stimulates the imagination of everyone in the crowd.

Next Monday: Koinonía, a look at the feminine world

rsz cavidadThe Formentera Council's Office of Culture wishes to announce the arrival, Monday, November 20, of a new show at the municipal exhibition space: Koinonía. The display of photography by Valladolid native (and Eivissa transplant) Isa Sanz is just one part of the activities programme marking International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Sanz will be on hand for the show's 8.00pm unveiling, its first iteration on the island.

The 17-portrait series of women in nature finds Sanz using photography as her expressive vehicle of choice, taking paths previously uncharted as she conveys the emotion and depth of the feminine world. Sanz brings to her craft the conceptualisation and magic necessary to make art.

As art historian Elvira Rilova quips, “Isa Sanz's Koinonía reflects a close kinship between artistic creation and underlying philosophical intuition about reality. The photo series explores feminine strength, calm, our place in nature, colour, blood, water and magic...each one critical to the construction of the feminine”.

The series was shot on Eivissa in June 2010, when, shortly after Sanz's arrival on the island, an Es Vedrà sunset stole her heart. On Eivissa, a place Sanz feels she is nourished, where everything is within her grasp, and communion is possible. “Koinonía”.

Though armed from the start with a fairly clear vision for the series, several of the portraits are the product of total improvisation. Sanz set out, with little more than her camera and a few odd objects in tow, looking for something to interact with. When she found it, she surrendered herself to the moment. The results were real, a true happening.

Koinonía is backed by ILLENC (Institut de la Llengua i la Cultura de les Illes Balears) and will be on view November 20 to December 2 in the Council's sala d'Exposicions in Sant Francesc. The exhibition is open Monday to Saturday, mornings from 11.00am to 2.00pm and evenings from 6.00pm to 8.00pm.

Conversations: Arms, struggle and resistence on Formentera (16th to 20th century)

Xerrada santi colomar mailThis Thursday, November 9 at 8.00pm, historian Santi Colomar will be at Marià Villangómez library to offer a talk titled “Arms, struggle and resistence on Formentera (16th to 20th century)”. The evening will include meditations on the island's function as an observation point and battleground between Ibizans and North African corsairs when stripped of regular inhabitants. On the growth of a local population from the 18th century, and the subsequent formation of militias to confront external dangers. On the 19th century, when disappearing outside perils left the commonplace presence of arms intact. On one exceedingly rare case of bloodshed, a duel at can Damià des Trull in 1919. On the Spanish Civil War and episodes of struggle and resistence on Formentera, namely the strike, organised by the CNT, of workers of the island's salterns during the Second Republic (1936-1939) and popular protests to defend natural spaces like sa Pedrera, or stop outsize projects like es Ca Marí campsite.

'Hilos,' winner of national youth performing arts distinction, comes to cinema

Fotocon-bobinas-2The Formentera Council Office of Culture and Festivities presents Hilos, a stage production for audiences seven and up. The show, which hits Formentera's cinema, la Sala de Cultura, this Saturday, November 11, at 9.00pm, runs sixty minutes. Admission is five euros for adults and three euros for youth under 25. Tickets will be available at the cinema box office the day of the event.

Included in the programme of the Formentera Council-backed Illa a Escena, the production is also part of PLATEA, an effort to spotlight first-class national acts set in motion by INAEM (the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport's institute of performing arts and music).

Hilos explores motherly love by riffing on the love between a mother and her newborn. We enter the world bound by an umbilical cord which, though cut at the moment of birth, remains a live wire, tethering the two parts much like an invisible string. The sublime acting of Rosa Díaz is charged with feeling and earned her the FETEN's best female actor prize in 2016.

The troupe
La Rous theatre group was founded in 2008 by Rosa Díaz, actress, director and dramaturge since 1984. Artistic residences abroad exposed her to diverse fields of study and new modes of working, and she gave courses in directing, acting and voice.

World-class prizes like the 2009 FETEN youth theatre festival's award for best production; the 2011 national children and youth theatre award for artistic quality, coherence and originality; awards for best female acting, best stage design, best original score at FETEN 2014 speak to her talent. Now, before Formentera audiences, she presents Hilos, winner of prizes in dramaturgy and acting by a female.

Es Pastorells take ball pagès to Ciutadella

Ball pages la molaThe Formentera Council Office of Culture wishes to announce details of a performance this weekend by local dance troupe Es Pastorells, where they will share a popular island culture with crowds on Menorca.

The company is shipping out for a Saturday demonstration of ball pagès (country dance) in a Ciutadella theatre. Members of folk group Tramuntana have been enlisted to show visiting Es Pastorells dancers the island and some of its customs. The troupe from Menorca will return the favour with a springtime visit to our island.

In an effort to spread culture within the Balearic region, the Formentera Council financed Es Pastorells' travel costs for the engagement, which came to €2,216.

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