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Continua l’aposta de Formentera per la investigació científica

foto consell premsaEl Consell de Formentera, a través de l’àrea de Cultura i Patrimoni, presenta la convocatòria de la beca d'investigació del Consell per l'any 2018. Aquesta beca té una dotació de 6.000€ destinada a desenvolupar el projecte guanyador que resulti seleccionat en el procediment de concurrència competitiva. Com en edicions anteriors, les àrees temàtiques s’han acotat a les branques d’arts, humanitats i ciències socials.

El dissabte 16 de juny es va publicar la convocatòria i les bases al BOIB. Els interessats compten amb un termini de trenta dies hàbils per presentar sol·licitud de participació en el procediment. Ho podran fer com a investigadors individuals o bé com a equip dirigit per un coordinador.

Els projectes hauran de contenir, com a mínim, un títol, descripció del projecte, plantejament teòric i metodologia de la investigació, a més dels objectius que es volen assolir, el pla de feina, i una previsió de despeses.

Una volta finalitzat el termini de presentació, una comissió avaluadora formada per diferents membres valorarà els projectes presentats en base a l’interès científic, la coherència, la metodologia, i els currículums dels investigadors. L’informe que elabori aquesta comissió servirà de base per a la proposta i posterior resolució de la Comissió de Govern.

En la darrera edició va resultar seleccionat el projecte “Estudi antropològic de les restes humanes de la necròpolis d’època bizantina de sa Tanca Vella” presentat per l’equip integrat per la Dra Maria Eulàlia Subirà de Galdàcano (coordinadora), la Dra Núria Montes Salas i el Dr Diego López Onaindia, tots ells vinculats a la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

La convocatòria d’aquesta beca per setè any consecutiu suposa una aposta ferma del Consell insular en suport de la investigació i la producció científica relacionada amb l’illa de Formentera.

As summer concert series returns, Formentera gears up for music 'in the squares'

musica-a-les-places-2Earlier today the island's departments of culture and festivities unveiled the details behind the 2018 edition of Música a les Places. The open-air concert series is a shorthand for early summer and warm weather; crowds feature a mix of tourists and locals, and the concerts are aimed at promoting culture and engaged and vibrant community spaces. Culture secretary Susana Labrador described the outdoor concerts as “an enduring crowd favourite”.

Starting Monday and continuing every week through September, Música a les Places signals the arrival of a dizzying array of groups and musical styles in Sant Francesc, Sant Ferran, es Pujols and, this year for the first time, la Savina. With Dilluns al Port (“Mondays in the Port”), from early June till later September, music lovers can enjoy live music on the town's marina promenade from 10.00pm.

Es Pujols is gearing up for two music series of its own. On Thursdays, mid June until September 20, World Music takes plaça d'Europa by storm with live performances by Antena Libre. The evening starts at 10.00pm in June and September and an hour later in July and August.  Latin fussión and musical group La 22 take over the same plaza every Tuesday at 10.00pm from June 12 to late July.

Weekly concerts are in store in Sant Ferran, too, with Música en viu (“live music”) in the square on Fridays at 10.00pm from late June to September 28. And on Saturdays in Sant Francesc's central plaza, there's music by Formentera's favourite jazz band, Jazz & Co.

From the beginning, Música a les Places (“Music in the Squares”) has had the support of Jazz & Co and Antena Libre. This year, the neighbourhood association of la Savina joins the list of sponsors. The series is about preserving and promoting music in all its forms and creating spaces for live musical creation.

The 2018 edition of Música a les Places finds the Council teaming up once again with Estrella Galicia, which has extended its commitment to the music initiative. One of music's greatest champions here in Spain, Estrella Galicia presents 150 concerts at venues across the country and backs independent, alternative festivals. They are right at home with Música a les Places, a genre-spanning festival that offers live music in one of a kind places.

The Formentera Council thanks Estrella Galicia for its support and salutes the company for its longstanding commitment to music- and culture-driven initiatives.

Formentera strikes deal to extend Byzantine necropolis dig

Foto conveni necro 2018Susana Labrador, the Formentera Council's secretary of culture, sat down earlier today with the man who owns the land where this February the partial remains of a Byzantine-era burial site were unearthed. The two put their signatures on what was described as a “cultural heritage deal” to prolong archaeological excavation of the necropolis.

In an area the limits of which have yet to be specifically defined, the landowner gives the Formentera Council permission to continue archaeological operations deemed “preventive” in order to study and document archaeological ruins on site. The deal also lays the groundwork for educational visits during the course of the dig.

The agreement also defines various actions required of the Council. First, the administration must foot the bill for an extensive archaeological study within boundaries to be laid out by a special committee. Then, it pledges to appropriately protect the site once excavation and study are complete.

Findings from the dig will join the future collection of the island's museum.

Formentera Council names research grant recipient

Restes arqueologiques epoca bizantina a sant francesc iiThe CiF culture and patrimony departments report that the Formentera Council's yearly contribution to academic research, a grant totalling €6,000, will go to benefit an anthropological study led by Dr Maria Eulàlia Subirà de Galdàcano of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. De Galdàcano's survey of human remains at a Byzantine-era burial site known as sa Tanca Vella also had the support of two additional researchers, Doctors Núria Montes Salas and Diego López Onaindia.

The research team set out to piece together a vision of the lives —the defining characteristics, day-to-day customs and relationships— of the individuals whose remains were found in the necropolis on carrer Metge Vicent Riera in Sant Francesc. The researchers say studying the remains will offer a clearer understanding of the individuals' diets, the diseases they suffered, how they travelled and more precise information about their population group. To do it, biochemical and genetic scans are planned at three different sites: the UAB's anthropological biology unit, Catalunya's Hospital General, and the Für Geowissenschaften institute at Tübingen University in Germany.

From a scientific viewpoint the project is interesting given its potential as a wellspring of insight into life on the island in the sixth and seventh centuries, a period about which scant information is available.

Five researchers submitted grant requests to the Council. After a review based on scientific interest, coherency and methodology as well as researcher résumés, Dr de Galdàcano's study was scored the highest.

This year's Festes de Sant Ferran feature seafood sampling

Festes sant ferran ball pages davidvergaraThe Formentera Council's department of culture has teamed up in Sant Ferran with the craft workers' association and the local parish to organise annual Festes celebrations. The party kicks off this weekend, May 25-27, and will extend to the diada de Sant Ferran (“Sant Ferran day”) on May 30.

Seafood tasting
This year for the first time ever, weekend festivalgoers can sample Galician seafood priced to move. The tasting, plus musical entertainment from Galician folk band Encrucillada, happens Friday at 8.00pm and Saturday and Sunday at 1.00pm.

Festes' main draws are Saturday at 6.00pm, when children and adults alike can enjoy an evening at the circus. Then comes a monologue by Marc Ribera, followed by a genre-spanning night of musical performances in which DJ Lluís, Luna Martínez and Maruja Limón distil the sounds of contemporary flamenco across Latin rhythms, Mediterranean music and pop.

Sunday at 3.00pm, local youth can enjoy an afternoon of games, music and tradition-steeped competitions. For the grand Festes finale on Wednesday, things take a turn for the traditional. Patron saint commemorations, which begin at 7.00pm with mass service and an ensuing procession in the town plaza, feature a demonstration of typical ball pagès dancing and traditional refreshments like orelletes. From 9.00pm it's the beginning of the end, with music and dancing to close out the party.

With road work recently completed, festivities over the weekend will be held in the street, at carrers València and Guillem de Montgrí. Diada celebrations will be centred in the Sant Ferran church square.

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