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International Dance Day

Cartell 2020 Dia de la DansaTomorrow, the Consell de Formentera will celebrate International Dance Day by hosting a projection of several very special videos made by students of the School of Music and Dance and the youth drop-in centre’s Dansa Urbana course. Recent years have seen dancers giving public demonstrations to mark the day. While this year they were unable to congregate, at least physically, the event unfolded virtually instead.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, International Dance Day, the “Formentera es queda a casa” (Formentera is staying home) Facebook page will host a video mashup of local celebrations in years past, plus a demo shot during confinement by students of the School of Music and Dance and Casal de Joves.

28 April 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

Consell backs revival of “ADN” comic, 20 years in the making

foto 2020 ADNThe Formentera Departments of Culture and Language Policies are supporting publication of the fanzine ADN, the first comic in the Balearic Islands and from today, a returning feature on bookstore shelves on Formentera and in participating Eivissa locations.

In commemoration of Sant Jordi Day, Col·lectiu ADN and Espai F are unveiling the first in what they are calling a new era for the comic. A product of the digital revolution, today’s issue comes with the notable addition, for the first time in the comic’s history, of colour. The Consell covered layout costs and purchased fifty copies which will be kept at local libraries and be donated to the island’s primary and secondary schools.

The issue offers up collaborations in varying genres, especially comic, but readers will also find short narrations, illustrations, poetry, critical review and history. In addition to new talent like Guillem Marí, Joan Escandell, Lluís Ferrer Ferrer, Paula Tikas, Jan Ribas, Pilar Mena, Xico Mayans and Cecília Lemoine on the comic’s 16-strong team of collaborators, veteran followers will find that other faces —Juan Moreno, Vicent Ferrer, Jordi Soldevila, Joan Torres, Neus Costa, Santiago Colomar, Joan Francesc Ferrer and Alfredo Boto— are familiar.

Col·lectiu ADN was the name used to promote a motley crew of illustrators, screenwriters, poets, painters and other artisans whose efforts stretched from 1985 into present day. The artists and writers—mostly from Formentera, though some hailed from Barcelona, Eivissa and places outside Spain—published their efforts in two fanzines: ADN and Cosmos Factory.

First Catalan-language comics in the Balearics
In the 1980s, Col·lectiu ADN’s publications appeared amid Spain’s comic boom and the subsequent rise of fanzines. A fanzine itself, Catalan-language ADN was a regional forerunner, even predating the 1986 adoption of Balearic legislation to normalise Catalan’s place in society.

Frequent contributors were Juan Moreno, Pep Morna, Vicent Escandell and Vicent Ferrer, though ADN and Cosmos Factory had other help as well. Vicent Roig-Francolí, Juanjo Sarto, Luis Alberto Maldonado, Alfredo Boto, Georges Bess, Enric Riera, Antoni Tur “Gabrielet” and Joan Marí de la Fuente are just some of the creators who, along with Juan Moreno, would ultimately earn recognition outside Formentera and cultivate celebrated careers in painting, illustration, literature and communication.

In commemoration of the group’s thirty-year anniversary, five years ago, the local Department of Culture reprinted a 400-plus-page volume containing the 11 issues of ADN and Cosmos Factory that Col·lectiu ADN put out between 1985 to 1998. More than the occasion for the group’s members to catch up, the publication would be the driving impulse behind ADN’s return.

23 April 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera


The LGTBI arm of the Consell de Formentera announces that the island’s government will add its name to an initiative included in the “V for visible” campaign of the National Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transsexuals’s (FELGTB) working group for policies affecting lesbians. The aim of the initiative is to increase the visibility of lesbians during confinement and offer a window of support to lesbian women.

A virtual exhibit dubbed “Lesbianes visibles” will be staged on Sunday 26 April, a day which has been dedicated to lesbian visibility. Anyone interested in participating is encouraged to send a selfie with a message of support for the group and to forward it to lallavedelarmario@gmail.com. Entries will be posted to the @FELGTB Instagram account between 12 noon and 2.00pm on the Sunday of the event.

Discussions are being organised to invite reflection about the role and visibility of lesbian women in areas like education, sport, culture and feminism.

cartell visiblesfest
22 April 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

Something for everyone as Formentera’s Sant Jordi Day celebrations go virtual

cartell 2020 st jordiThe island’s Department of Culture, libraries and Language Advisory Service have come up with a virtual activities programme to celebrate Sant Jordi Day (St George’s Day) on Thursday 23 April. The programme can be seen on the Sant Francesc library’s new Facebook page, “Biblioteca Marià Villangómez”, which launches today, Monday 20 April, marking the holiday when people offer books and roses as gifts. Details about the programme will be posted on 23 April to the “Formentera es queda a casa” page on Facebook, which will also contain content shared as the week progresses on the library’s new social media page.

As education and culture consellera Susana Labrador put it, “for a special day like this one, we knew it was worth doing a confinement-friendly version”, directing islanders to social media to find “loads of all-ages activities about reading, books and fantasy”. Labrador said the idea behind this year’s catchphrase, “Llegeix i viatjaràs” (Read and you’ll travel), was to remind people that “when we read we can travel without leaving the house—a proposition that’s likely to appeal to an increasingly wide audience these days”.

The programme kicks off at 12 noon, when organisers are planning to take to Facebook to launch a daily game of literature-themed questions called “Superlectors” (Superreaders). Each day that follows will come with the answer to the previous day’s query as well as a new question. At 3pm from Monday to Friday, a reading recommendation will be posted as well.

At 5.00pm Xènia Fuertes will serve up her own thoughts and recommendations for Sant Jordi, while two hours later, writer Josep Rubio, who is best known to formenterencs as the presenter of the island’s daily radio broadcast, Ràdio Illa’s De Far a Far, will dish on his book “Formentera: Una mirada enrere”.

At 5.00pm artist Maristela Campana will guide children through a creative workshop to make Sant Jordi roses. Two hours later, writer and Eivissa native Nora Albert will browse through the newest edition of her book “Mots i brases” as well as other publications as she curates a Sant Jordi Day recommendation of her own.

At 5.00pm artist Célia Ruiz will share with Formentera youngsters a clip of a made-for-kids clown show, and at 7.00pm, Lluís Ferrer will discuss the comics he created with illustrator Jaume Escandell.

Thursday, Sant Jordi Day
Formentera’s Language Advisory Service has signed on to “Per Sant Jordi, una paraula” (For Sant Jordi, a word)—the regional government’s initiative to encourage youth in the island’s to think about their favourite word in Catalan and share it. Like the sound of tomata? How about atzavara? Fonoll is a good one. Or maybe you’d pick robapàgines. Decide which Catalan word makes your ears tingle and on 23 April, post it on social media under the hashtag #parauladesantjordi. You can share thoughts on the word, a text containing it, an explanation of why you chose it... You be the judge of how to customise your contribution: write it, record a video, take a picture... Mull it over, pin down a word and share it. And remember to include “#parauladesantjordi”!

At 12 noon, a group from the local chapter of Obra Cultural formed by poets Maria Teresa Ferrer, Esteve Portas, Mireia Bernabeu and Neus Costa will offer up their own tailor-made and filmed-at-home poetry recital.

At 5.00pm, specialist Maira Vila will lead participants through a Sant Jordi-themed online mini clinic on lettering.

And what would the day be without the Sant Jordi dragon? At 6.00pm, artist and storyteller Xènia Fuertes will perform “El Drac refredat”, sharing with youngsters one of the most important parts of Sant Jordi: the magic of storytelling.

At 7.00pm, Eivissa author-turned-Formentera resident Carles Torres will close out the programme with a presentation of his novel “Els Cossos elèctics”.

Last up, Friday will see a 5.00pm post with snapshots of the Sant Jordi roses made at Tuesday’s workshop, followed by a literary recommendation from Ramon Mayol at 7.00pm.

The wide-ranging Sant Jordi Day programme marks the launch of the library’s Facebook page, which, for the duration of confinement, will serve as a showcase for weekly reading recommendations and questions put to readers. At the end of confinement, the page will promote and disseminate details about local libraries’ monthly lineups of activities.

20 April 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

Book launches, kids’ workshops and writers’ huddle figure among March events at libraries

cartell iii2020 biblio3The Formentera Department of Culture unveiled the activities in store this March at local libraries. At 5.00pm this Wednesday at Sant Ferran’s Punt de Lectura, Xènia Fuertes will lead children ages seven and up in a creative workshop called “Dona Llum” where participants will learn about the body in motion, writing, narrating, collages, textures, music, drawing and plastic arts—“plus lots of magic”, adds Fuertes.

At 8.00pm on Friday 13 March the Marià Villangómez library will play host to a close-up of Miren Jaurne’s book La Venus que rompió el espejo. Jaurne, also known on social media as MimiXXL, is a youtuber whose current book lets readers in on some of her darkest moments, and deals with the futility of judging ourselves based on physical appearance, or handing others the same power. We have nothing to be ashamed of, and a “no” early on can save us from a downward spiral of self-destruction. Today Jaurne isn’t just a woman who has overcome her fears; she has joined the fight to stop bullying and the “body positive” movement. Lilian Heinrichs will emcee the all-ages event.

At 5.30pm next Tuesday 17 March at the Sant Ferran Punt de Lectura, the Formentera chapter of Obra Cultural Balear will host a reading of Rondalles de Formentera. The event is a way for islanders to discover the homespun fables known as rondalles, not to mention expand their Catalan expertise and promote reading among youth.

Another OCB-sponsored event happens in the library at 8.30pm on Friday 20 March. Billed as an “inter-island gathering of writers”, the event will see the participation of Mario Riera, Carles Fabregat, Fina Torres, Esteve Portas, Neus Costa, Mireia Bernabeu and Joan Ferrer, not to mention that of presenters Nora Albert and Maria Teresa Ferrer.

At 8.00pm on Friday 27 March, patrons of the library can look foward to another book launch, this time hosted by Vicent Ferrer Mayans and centred on Isidor Marí’s Poesia, llengua, país: Una mirada des d’Eivissa [Poetry, language, country: A view from Eivissa]. Describing the diversity and the distinct sense of unity that the lands in question share, Marí confides that as he selected texts for the volume and mulled over the order in which they’d appear, the triad of language, poetic/literary creation and a country’s cultural/political consolidation struck him as a fitting synthesis of what had been at the centre of his reflections. “I’d like to think my texts have helped us on this collective path, along with so many others more distinguished and more prevalent than mine. Above all”, says Marí, “I want to believe that our poetry, our language and our country will one day achieve the plenitude they so long for and deserve”. The event is put together by the Formentera Department of Heritage.

At 6.00pm on Monday 30 March the library will play host to Contes en OFF, a storytime for kids by Minorcan troupe No Som Tres enlisting humour, plus a bit of clownery and on-stage antics, to encourage reading.

At 8.00pm on Tuesday 31 March, bookworms rendezvous at the library for another gathering of the book club Llegeix i Gaudeix. As every first Tuesday of the month, the group Contes per parlar amb la lluna [Tales to discuss with the moon] convened on Tuesday 3 March.

9 March 2020
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

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