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Hilario Serra’s display of historic Formentera coins débuts today in Ajuntament Vell gallery

expo-monedes1The patrimony office of the Consell de Formentera reports that at 7.00pm this evening, an exhibit of of historic Formentera coins known as “the Hilario Serra collection” will take up temporary residence in the Ajuntament Vell exhibition hall. The exceptional display encompasses an array of periods in Formentera's past, from the wave of coins issued from Eivissa (then known as “Ibosim púnica”) in Phoenician times between fourth and first century BCE, to contemporary mints of the western and central reaches of the Mediterranean and coinages issued under Alfonso III and in circulation in the early nineteenth century.

The more than 600-piece collection includes a wealth of Roman coins from the reigns of 48 emperors of the early and late Roman Empire as well as a selection of previously unknown Arab and medieval coins. The series opened the door to realisation of a targeted study in which specialists from each period will participate, including Benjamí Costa (Phoenician coins), Santiago Padrino (Roman coins), Félix Retamero (Arab coins) and Toni Ferrer Abárzuza (medieval, modern and contemporary).

Patrimony councillor Raquel Guasch called the collection “a little taste of what we'll have on hand at Formentera's future museum”.

A joint project of the Eivissa-Formentera Museum of Archaeology (MAEF) and the Consell de Formentera, the exhibit will be open to public visits until 11 October.

The subject will also be discussed at the opening session of this year's Jornades d'Estudis Locals Joan Marí Cardona, a lecture series that runs 7 to 11 October in the conference room of the island's dependent care facility (Centre de Dia). Titled “Coins without people?” (Monedes sense gent?), that session will be led by historian Félix Retamero Serralvo on 7 October.

30 September 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Storytime tops slate of activities in Formentera libraries this October

foto biblio oct019 3The culture department of the Consell de Formentera has unveiled the Formentera libraries' activities programme for October. Returning Tuesday the 1st and scheduled for repeat appearances every first Tuesday of the month are storytime sessions for newborns to four-year-olds called Contes per parlar amb la lluna (Tales for talking with the moon). The 5.30pm sessions take place at Marià Villangómez library until December.

The family storytime sessions are designed by Xènia Fuertes as a meeting space for families and a way to bring children into contact with books and spoken storytelling. The goal is tap into the magic of tale-telling to give very young children the opportunity to discover the pleasure of reading. Families who are interested in signing up should send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Pet workshop
From 5.00pm to 7.00pm on Monday 7 October, the Sant Ferran library connection, or punt de lectura, will host an all-ages workshop on pets that is backed by Acción Francisco Formentera.

Intended to impart a sense of the value of pets and keep animals off the streets, the educational initiative consists of a first part designed to help children build connections with animals through body language. The second portion involves a bit of theatre and a drawing activity.

Monday 14 October at 5.30pm the Marià Villangómez library will host another storytime, En construcció: Contes curts i absurds (Under construction: Short, silly stories), for children four and up. Gemma Moll builds up fables as one would a fun joke. To the non-conformist, they will ring out like provocations, stirring listeners to ask themselves Why...?

Book launches
On Wednesday 16 October at 8.00pm, Marià Villangómez library welcomes author Íñigo Franco Benito (Ifrabe) for a presentation of his book No con tu hija. Moderated by Vicent Ferrer Mayans.

A second presentation—this time of Alessandra Rossin's Hola, soy tu niño interior—is in the works as part of celebrations for International Library Day on Thursday 24 October. Unfolding at Marià Villangómez library, the event runs from 8.00pm to 10.00pm and will be moderated by José Luis García Guerricagoitia.

The launch will also include a workshop. Hola, soy tu niño interior is Rossin's third work, and starts with a section that alternates between theoretical concepts and practical examples, mixing anecdotes and short stories in for good measure. The second section comprises practical exercises and meditations to help readers put the first in practice. The second section will be the basis of an introductory workshop.

Halloween mask-making workshop
On Wednesday 30 October between 5.00pm and 7.00pm, the Sant Ferran punt de lectura will host a traditional Halloween mask workshop for children aged four to ten. This year's workshop will be led by artist Maristela Campana.

25 September 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Un projecte sobre les activitats de la pagesia formenterera obté la Beca d’Investigació 2019 del Consell de Formentera

foto campEl Consell de Formentera, a través de la conselleria de Patrimoni, informa que el projecte titulat ‘Memòria de pagesia. Recollida d’informacions orals sobre les activitats productives tradicionals a Formentera: agricultura de secà, vinya, ramaderia i altres’, ha obtingut la Beca d’investigació 2019 del Consell de Formentera. El projecte el dirigirà Antoni Ferrer Abárzuza, doctor en Història per la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

Les quatre sol·licituds presentades en aquesta convocatòria varen ser totes admeses a tràmit, i després que la Comissió Avaluadora valoràs els projectes presentats en base a l’interès científic, la coherència i la metodologia, i els currículums dels investigadors, el projecte mencionat quedà en primera posició.  Aquesta beca té una dotació econòmica de 6.000 euros.

La consellera de Patrimoni, Raquel Guasch, ha valorat “el treball d’investigació que suposa aquesta beca, ja que deixarà constància d’una manera de fer i de viure de Formentera que no podem permetre’ns ni perdre ni oblidar. Tot això és patrimoni immaterial que tenim el deure i la responsabilitat de documentar, salvaguardar i en algun cas, potenciar”.

Feina i calendari productiu de la pagesia
Aquest projecte té per objectiu recopilar un corpus d'entrevistes que permeti documentar acuradament els coneixements de les pràctiques productives fonamentals de l'economia tradicional de Formentera i la seua interrelació que dóna lloc al calendari productiu de la pagesia. Així, es persegueix aprofundir en el coneixement de les espècies més cultivades, les seues variants i característiques, el seu calendari, les feines de la terra que requerien abans de la sembra i durant el seu creixement, les eines i ferramentes que es feien servir, la rotació de cultius, els processos de collita, preparació i destí del producte final i la reserva de llavors i els seus mètodes de conservació, entre altres aspectes.

En el cas de la vinya també es persegueix documentar el calendari, l’elecció de les terres destinades al seu conreu i la superfície en relació a la resta de terres treballades, així com tot el procés de vinificació i el destí final del vi, tenint en compte la seua importància alimentària en la societat tradicional i també comercial en cas d’excedent. A banda dels cultius de cereals i de la vinya, l’estudi també contempla abordar la ramaderia per entendre com s’integrava en el procés de conreu dels cereals i, si fos el cas, també de la vinya.

Es tracta d’una proposta de projecte de gran interès, tenint en compte que els coneixements i les tècniques vinculats a les activitats productives  i els coneixements i usos relacionats amb la naturalesa representen una part del patrimoni cultural que és urgent documentar de manera rigorosa, tenint en compte que la seua naturalesa intangible el fa més fràgil i canviant que el patrimoni de tipus material (moble o immoble).

Ampliar les beques
Finalment, la consellera Guasch destaca la “importància de les beques d’investigació” i considera que, “després d’anys de convocar, cal dotar-les de més pressupost i que creixin en nombre i en àmbit de coneixement, fent-les més concretes i a la vegada més nombroses”.

La Llei 18/2019, de 8 d’abril, de salvaguarda del patrimoni cultural immaterial de les Illes Balears, contempla aquests àmbits del saber com a part del patrimoni cultural de tipus immaterial. Per altra banda, el Pla Insular de Gestió del Patrimoni Cultural de Formentera 2017-2019, concretament en la seua actuació 2.2.1, també considera prioritària la recerca en aquest camp.

26 de setembre de 2019
Àrea de Comunicació
Consell de Formentera

Calling all organisers—Consell unlocks funding for celebrations and activities that showcase traditions, culture

The Consell de Formentera culture department reports funding requests are now being accepted from cultural and neighbourhood groups and festival committees keen to put on local celebrations and activities with a traditional or cultural bent. The Consell has earmarked €50,000 to this effect.

“This money”, said culture councillor Susana Labrador, “is about giving financial support to non-profit associations and committees engaged in organising festivals or other cultural or traditional activities”. She added, “We also help keep these groups going strong at the same time they help us keep Formentera vibrant culturally and socially, so we're really getting two birds with one stone”.

An evaluating committee will review requests and accompanying documentation as it makes its decisions. Groups and associations must have both their official headquarters and fiscal domicile on Formentera, must be on the Consell's Register of Local Organisations (Registre d'Entitats Ciutadanes) as well as the Balearic government's Register of Associations (Registre d'Associacions). Assistance will be retroactive, covering the period from November 2018 to October 2019.

The deadline for applications is 31 October. Requests can be submitted to the Citizen's Information Office (OAC) and online at the Virtual Citizen's Information Office (OVAC).

24 September 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Closing concert of ‘Música a les Places’ celebrates 25 years of Jazz & Co

jazz and rock cloenda 2019 xar1The Consell de Formentera and the Department of Culture report that at 10.00pm this Friday 27 September, Sant Ferran's town square will be the scene of a special concert to close out the 2019 season of ‘Música a les Places’. Blues Connotation, Jam Factory and Chimichurri will all take the stage in an evening devoted to celebrating Jazz & Co's twenty-five-year trajectory.

Culture councillor Susana Labrador pointed out that “Jazz & Co started in 1999 with the essential objective of preserving and promoting music in all its forms”. “To that end”, she said, “they promote all kinds of musical activities”. The common thread? “Live music”, she said. Labrador seized the occasion to congratulate Jazz & Co on their dedication to Formentera's music and cultural scenes—a commitment that helped earn the association a Sant Jaume award earlier this year.

The point bears repeating: Jazz & Co is about music that is played live. For the last 25 years, the group has organised Jazz a la plaça (“Jazz in the Square”) in the heart of Sant Francesc; the Sant Ferran version started up five years later. Both have become major summertime draws for residents and tourists alike.

‘Música a les Places’ has grown to span the summer months, with concerts on Mondays at la Savina port, Thursdays in es Pujols’ plaça d'Europa, Fridays in the Sant Ferran square and Saturdays at Sant Francesc's plaça de la Constitució.

24 September 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

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