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Formentera fire brigade teams up with forest services and safety force on simulation drill

foto bombers 2018 1Formentera's corps of firefighters were joined by agents of the Balearic forest service and civil protection volunteers as they battled a simulated forest fire near a plot of land known as sa Roqueta.

Four firefighters and a forest service worker were on hand for the exercise, which began at 12 noon and had finished by 2.00pm. It included six service vehicles—two from the fire brigade's fleet; one from the civil protection force, equipped with a trailer carrying the force's mobile command central; and three belonging to the forest service.

The exercise was aimed at improving preparedness and coordination in wildfires requiring a joint emergency service response.

Swelling forests have so far followed a particularly wet winter, making such speed- and coordination-enhancing exercises all the more important. As a fire safety measure, fires are prohibited in rural and wooded parts of the island from May 1 to October 1.

Formentera aprova bonificacions per als vehicles híbrids

foto ple abril 2018 1El Consell de Formentera ha celebrat aquest divendres el Ple ordinari del mes de maig, una sessió on ha destacat l’aprovació per unanimitat de vàries propostes per bonificar els vehicle híbrids, així com una proposta reclamant al Govern de l'Estat que cobreixi la plaça del funcionari del Servei Públic d'Ocupació Estatal (SEPE).

En quant a les bonificacions per vehicles híbrids, aquestes cerquen afavorir la mobilitat sostenible i consisteixen en bonificar al 50% l'impost sobre vehicles de tracció mecànica als cotxes híbrids, una bonificació que, en el cas dels vehicles elèctrics ja s’aplica amb una reducció del 75%. Així mateix, els híbrids també tindran una reducció del 50% en l’accés a Illetes i en l’aparcament de la Plaça Europa d’es Pujols. En el cas dels abonaments, siguin anuals, mensuals o setmanals, la bonificació per a cotxes elèctrics serà del 75% i per als híbrids del 50%.

D’altra banda, i en quant a la proposta reclamant al Govern de l'Estat que cobreixi la plaça del funcionari del SEPE, la consellera de Benestar Social, Vanessa Parellada, ha reclamat que es torni a comptar amb un funcionari fix a Formentera, de manera que es pugui donar el mateix servei que a la resta d’illes i es comptin amb els mateixos recursos que a la resta de la comunitat.

Altres proposicions
El Ple del Consell també ha aprovat, amb el suport de tots els grups, la proposta de Gent per Formentera (GxF) relativa a sol·licitar al Govern central que compleixi amb els acords signats en el Pacte d'Istanbul i es destinin recursos a la lluita contra la violència de gènere, fomentant la conscienciació i la perspectiva de gènere en tots els àmbits.

També s’han aprovat per unanimitat la proposta de GxF de demanar a Correus la reobertura de les oficines de Sant Ferran, el Pilar de la Mola i la Savina, així com la proposta socialista relativa a la instal·lació de banys públics a Can Marroig.

Formentera Council names research grant recipient

Restes arqueologiques epoca bizantina a sant francesc iiThe CiF culture and patrimony departments report that the Formentera Council's yearly contribution to academic research, a grant totalling €6,000, will go to benefit an anthropological study led by Dr Maria Eulàlia Subirà de Galdàcano of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. De Galdàcano's survey of human remains at a Byzantine-era burial site known as sa Tanca Vella also had the support of two additional researchers, Doctors Núria Montes Salas and Diego López Onaindia.

The research team set out to piece together a vision of the lives —the defining characteristics, day-to-day customs and relationships— of the individuals whose remains were found in the necropolis on carrer Metge Vicent Riera in Sant Francesc. The researchers say studying the remains will offer a clearer understanding of the individuals' diets, the diseases they suffered, how they travelled and more precise information about their population group. To do it, biochemical and genetic scans are planned at three different sites: the UAB's anthropological biology unit, Catalunya's Hospital General, and the Für Geowissenschaften institute at Tübingen University in Germany.

From a scientific viewpoint the project is interesting given its potential as a wellspring of insight into life on the island in the sixth and seventh centuries, a period about which scant information is available.

Five researchers submitted grant requests to the Council. After a review based on scientific interest, coherency and methodology as well as researcher résumés, Dr de Galdàcano's study was scored the highest.

Ten years on, Formentera to Run still going

Foto formentera to runThe Formentera Council's offices of tourism and sport will lend support to the tenth Formentera to Run, a run in which participants traverse the island in multiple stages, covering a total of 60 kilometres.

Formentera to Run
The competition, whose distinct legs vary in length from 9 to 21.1K, kicks off Monday, May 28, and continues to Saturday, June 2. Participants can choose between two modalities—traditional race, and, for participants keen on a more relaxing tour of the island, Nordic walking.

Race winners will be determined based on combined total time across the individual stages. Every runner who completes the race will receive a medal for participation.

Formentera TRAIL 21.1
For the last five years, Formentera to Run's crowning event has been Formentera Trail 21.1. The tradition continues on Saturday (June 2) and participating runners can opt to have their times considered separately or as part of an overall score.

The demanding circuit offers up a 420-metre ascent and takes runners on a path that crosses la Mola from the lighthouse before descending camí de s'Estufador to Migjorn beach. From there, runners make their way back to la Mola via the Camí Romà towards their final destination, the lighthouse.

Formentera's spring of sport
Formentera to Run joins a brimming calendar of sports fixtures (Far a Far footrace, the half marathon and the "Marnaton" among them) that is aimed at showcasing Formentera as a low-season destination for travellers and fitness fans as well as promoting active lifestyles among islanders.


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