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Abandoned cats

cartell som gatsThe Formentera government wishes to raise public raise awareness around the growing number of abandoned cats on the island. Recent weeks have come with numerous discoveries of litters of cats left in rubbish bins. The Consell de Formentera reminds islanders that it is illegal to abandon animals and pet owners who no longer want their animals can contact the Consell’s veterinary service. Fines for abandoning animals vary from €30 to €15,000.

For more information, call 971 32 10 87 (ext. 3164) or email veterinari@conselldeformentera.cat.

3 August 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

Álvaro Mendoza’s “Aïllat” settles into ‘Ajuntament Vell’

cartell aillatThe latest display of work from Álvaro Mendoza, Aïllat, opens at the ‘Ajuntament Vell’ exhibition space today, starting a run that is scheduled to conclude 15 August. The artist describes the show as an “exploration of thought inside our soul”. “Whether voluntary or imposed, isolation is neither the beginning nor the end”, he explains. “It’s part of the process of transformation. Throughout the entire exhibit I attempt to become one with the free-form space where the simple gives meaning to the ethereal.”

The exhibit is open from 11.00am to 2.00pm and 7.00pm to 9.00pm. Closed Sundays and Monday mornings.

3 August 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

Plenary participants press Madrid to seek consensus around domestic and international guarantees on travellers’ health safety

foto 2020 ple juliolA number of proposals got the green-light when members of the Consell de Formentera gathered today for the July full-house assembly: one in particular, brought to the floor by Sa Unió party members and brokered by the GxF-PSOE senior cabinet, calls on the national government to “work toward consensus on international agreements” to control the movements of covid-19 patients before they leave countries of origin and to establish a country- and worldwide system to monitor individuals’ infection status. Guarantees on the reimbursement of costs generated by foreigners required to self-isolate will also be necessary, plenary participants asserted, as well as a cap on the price of coronavirus testing.

Consell president Alejandra Ferrer described the goal as “nation- and worldwide consensus around public health safety for travel within Europe”. “Let there be no mistake, the problem is enormously complex”, she said. “That’s exactly why we’re calling for conversations and consensus at the European level”, continued Ferrer, who said that such an approach could offer “a fix that strikes a balance between public health and the reopening of tourism”.

Assembly members additionally advocated respect for and guarantees on local authorities’ autonomy in managing finances, and agreed to push the central government to remove barriers to funnelling budget surpluses into covid-19 response strategies. “There have been many cases in which local administrations have had to take on responsibilities that aren’t theirs”, tax office chief Bartomeu Escandell pointed out, “often without the corresponding funding from regional and national authorities”, he said.

Broadening protections around La Mola windmill
With “yes” votes from the senior cabinet and the abstention of the opposition, support came for a proposal to expand protections around Molí Vell de la Mola after a recommendation by Institut d’Estudis Eivissencs. Highlighting the input received around the motion to class the “Old La Mola Windmill” as a cultural interest site, patrimony consellera Raquel Guasch held that the safeguards being envisioned, “which can be applied to other sites in the Balearics, are more innovative, and fit more closely with the actual physical layout of the monument”.

Under a second Sa Unió-authored proposal that gained approval after handling by the GxF-PSOE cabinet, the Consell will study the possibility of implementing virtual appointments at the bureau of vehicle roadworthiness tests (ITV), Citizen Information Office and other services.

Cross-party support materialised around the terms of a partnership between the Consell and the Formentera Association for Audiovisual Culture (ACAF) on content production in 2020 for Ràdio Illa public radio. Culture consellera Susana Labrador seized the opportunity to underscore ACAF’s “selfless work to make local radio a reality” and applauded “the efforts of the station’s professional staff to keep islanders informed, particularly during lockdown”.

Report from Consellera Raquel Guasch
Chief of the departments of heritage, language policies and training, Raquel Guasch, stood before the assembly to take stock of efforts her first year in office. She began by saluting the work of department staff and trumpeting “the crucial role of heritage preservation”, stressing its its “social and practical importance” and asserting, “Heritage means nothing if people don’t make use of it”.

“Tangible and intangible heritage are engines of education, enjoyment and social, economic and cultural growth”, said Guasch, “and they need to interact with people”. Looking back over the last twelve months, she extolled fresh energy injected into new classifications of cultural interest sites (BICs); promotion of and education around the Formentera’s underwater and terrestrial heritage, which includes recent discoveries; creation of the first local roads catalogue; more than 350 students signed up for Catalan courses and new tactics to normalise use of the Catalan language, including the Apunts en net initiative; revision of local place names; progress on a framework document for the Formentera museum, and collaboration around the Committee for Memory and Democracy and the Committee for Disappeared Persons and Mass Graves.

31 July 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

Within town limits, speed limit on Avinguda de la Mola goes from 40 to 30km/hour

The Formentera Department of Mobility reports that from next week, as part of the island’s Sustainable Mobility Strategy adopted last year, the speed limit in the centre of town along Avinguda de la Mola will be lowered ten kilometres per hour (km/h) to thirty km/h.

Tracing the change to a call from the El Pilar Residents’ Association, which had advocated “a significant reduction of the vehicle speed limit” on the town’s main arterial, mobility conseller Rafael González confided that the measure was already envisioned in the Mobility Strategy. He additionally indicated that the more restrictive limit would be accompanied by randomised speed traps set up by Formentera Local Police and enforced by means of a mobile radar unit.

“Our hope is that we’ll see drivers hitting the brakes substantially”, said González, who noted that traffic on the road typically spikes on market days.

30 July 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

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