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Pest control efforts take aim at local mosquitos

estany pudent fotoEarlier this month, the Formentera Council's Office of Environment embarked on a push to bring mosquito and chironomid numbers under control in several areas of Ses Salines park. Efforts will be concentrated on standing water ponds—the pest's preferred spots to lay larva—around Estany Pudent, Estany des Peix and Salines den Marroig.

Preventive mosquito and midge controls make use of Bacillus thuringiensis Israeliensi, a natural insecticide which acts on mosquito larvae. It is considered biological treatment.

In 2017, two operators will be tasked with administering the treatment in two weekly sessions using ruck-sack units to spray the substance in its pulverised state. According to projections, the undertaking will require 24 full days and conclude in mid-October.

The initial cost is €22,944.19, though if problem areas are detected the administration can opt to expand treatment.

Condé Nast Traveler crowns Save Posidonia Project earth-friendly initiative of year

Entrega premis 1Last night in a Madrid hotel, at Condé Nast Traveler's annual award gala, CiF land and tourism councillor Alejandra Ferrer was on hand to accept the travel website's “green project of the year” distinction for Formentera's Save Posidonia Project.

Ferrer pointed out the selection served as an appropriate symbol for the celebration of 2017 as the year of sustainable tourism, and expressed gratitude for an accolade she predicted would help broaden the campaign's reach.

Framing the Save Posidonia Project are two foundational pillars: one, to raise awareness about the importance of the posidonia plant, and two, to secure new donors as part of an initiative to safeguard seagrass meadows. Ferrer put the current level of donations at over €13,000, money that will be used at season's end to drive a project to protect the important plant.

This week saw the unveiling of a video tied to the campaign which, thanks to Facebook, has already reached upward of 250,000 individuals. To Ferrer, the project is a clear statement about the kind of tourist Formentera hopes to attract and a symbol of the island's commitment to sustainability.

Bundle of hashish turns up on beach

Rroballa poli local formentera 2At 8.00am this morning Formentera local police were tipped off by a resident of es Pujols about a suspicious package on the town's shore. The officers arrived on the scene and found the object in question: a bundle containing what appeared to be hashish. Police immediately turned over the item to the Guardia Civil, which will oversee the ensuing investigation.

Help for island's coalition of livestock farmers

Foto signatura conveni ramadersThe administration has formalised a partnership agreement with Formentera's group of livestock farmers to bolster measures like animal sanitation and production systems upgrades. The deal signed by Council chair Jaume Ferrer and Jaume Tur, head of Associació de Ramaders de Formentera, lays the groundwork for funding of up to €37,000.

Under the pact the association commits to steps such as yearly vaccines and parasite treatments to ensure proper animal hygiene and uphold directives of Formentera's Office of Agriculture, Livestock, Fish and Hunting.

In addition to support for production, animal sanitation and other issues of animal health and identification across the group's network of member farms, the Associació pledges to apply measures agreed on at yearly meetings to develop common policy.

The coalition promises to continue educating member farmers about the tasks expected of individual farmers. These include:

-Disinfecting and pest removal.
-External treatment of parasites across sheep, goat and pig holdings and internal treatments of farm dogs.
-Tracking medicines given to productive animals on a log of medical treatments.
-Respecting medical indications prescribed by the group's veterinary service.
-Keeping food chain data for a forthcoming guidebook governing Formentera's abattoir
-Ear-tag identification with farm code for every head of livestock marked for slaughter. Ear tags will be supplied by CiF Office of Agriculture, Livestock, Fish and Hunting.
-Providing data for the census of livestock farm animals between January 1 and the final day of February.

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