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Drawing to pick election day assistants

A special plenary meeting was convened today with a drawing to determine the individuals who will staff the voting tables at next June 26's general elections. The final list can be viewed in the bulletin board section of the Formentera Council website.

Can Ramon added to Formentera Council's catalogue of heritage sites

Foto ple maigThe Formentera Council convened its May plenary session today, an event that was marked by the adoption of a proposal concerning Can Ramon, a home and heritage site in Sant Francesc. The unanimously-adopted proposal calls for the detailed reparcelling study and ultimate restoration of the property, which, as CiF land councillor Alejandra Ferrer explained, will house Formentera's future ethnological interpretation centre.

The go-ahead was also given to a measure to back the international bid to put dry stone on UNESCO's Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage Assets. Further to that end, plenary members voted as one to support a proposal to begin proceedings declaring the traditional technique of dry stone wall-building an Intangible Cultural Heritage Asset. According to Susana Labrador, chair of the Council's Office of Patrimony, the goal is “ensure the protection of this craft, an important part of our island's intangible heritage.”

Plenary members additionally greenlighted a proposal install a new stage in the Council's cultural hall, a site known popularly as la Sala de Cultura that also houses the island's cinema. Lastly, plenary participants voted unanimously to adopt an ordinance laying out guidelines of use at the Formentera cemetery.

Report from Office of Environment
Finally, Daisee Aguilera, the CiF's councillor of environment, highlighted biodiversity preservation projects from within her department that aim to protect island assets like posidonia sea grass, white pines and lizards. In addition, the councillor pointed to what she called “even grander efforts” to scuttle oil exploration projects in nearby waters and promote climate change-tackling renewable energies.

Aguilera also touted her office's administration of basic services like solid waste treatment in urban areas and oversight of water and electricity supplies. She underscored the importance of “continuing to educate and raise awareness among young and old alike” in terms of “how best to defend the green values that define our marvelous corner of paradise.” Aguilera took the opportunity to take stock of all of the current CiF Office of Environment projects devised to “ensure Formentera loses nothing of what makes it so special and unique”.

Formentera sets aside 30,000 euros in grants for social and public health programmes

centre diaEarlier today, the Formentera Council's Office of Social Welfare announced its plan to funnel 30,000 euros into grants for associations and private non-profits involved in social work and public health. The aim of the assistance is twofold: to push forward social and health initiatives as well as support non-profits' work to improve living conditions for dependent seniors, people with disabilities and individuals that suffer mental or chronic conditions.

Eligible non-profits can apply for the grants at the Citizens' Information Office through June 18. The Council will cover up to 75 per cent of project costs, up to a maximum of 14,000 euros. Last year two of four applicant groups received grants. APMIPTEA and APNEEF were each awarded assistance packages of 14,000 euros, while the other two applicant groups failed to meet the required criteria.

Formentera takes steps to designate drystone wall building techniques as protected heritage

parets panoràmica alfredo monteroFormentera's patrimony secretary, Susana Labrador, will take the floor before representatives at tomorrow's plenary assembly to unveil a proposal to give protected status to the traditional techniques used in building drystone walls.

Labrador's presentation will follow the announcement by Palma's directorate general of culture that it will seek inclusion of drystone wall building on the register of humanity's “intangible cultural heritage”.

The secretary added that Council officials planned to join a group drystone wall candidacy which links several of Spain's autonomous regions and is headed up by the central government's secretary of state for culture.

Labrador described Formentera's designation of the building techniques as intangible cultural heritage (or BIC, for bé d'interés cultural) as a “necessary first step if we want our campaign to be successful”.

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