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Council unveils new inspection service

Presentacio cos inspeccioToday, on the steps of the Casa Consistorial, the Formentera Council rolled out its new inspection service. At the event were CiF president's office councillor Bartomeu Escandell, councillor of land, tourism and trade Alejandra Ferrer and environment councillor Daisee Aguilera, along with the inspection staff and two recently hired members of the Formentera police force.

Pointing out that the inspection service had been in place for shortly over a week, Councillor Ferrer described the division's role: “To ensure businesses' proper use of public walkways and to enforce the island's ban on 'dynamic publicity'”. Another new endeavour: active monitoring of web-based tourist services, a move it is hoped will assist in articulating long-term protocol.

Ferrer said these first months would be spent “tracking patterns and gathering information” so the Council could adapt regulations to the particular needs that pop up. The inspection service team is composed of nine workers, five enforcement agents, three inspectors and one coordinator. In the coming weeks two new controllers will join the service's ranks.

Environment advocates
Three of the enforcement agents are staff of Formentera's Office of Environment. Department head Daisee Aguilera highlighted the addition this summer of an extra staff member to the inspection crew, who will coordinate activity between Council departments. The three agents —or 'environment advocates'— will be tasked with “supervising correct waste disposal, carrying out checks of beaches and waterfront concession services”. As Aguilera pointed out, this year's inspection service also includes an outreach person for environmental issues. Inspection service workers will have use of the electric Meharis that Citroën recently donated to the island.

Greater police presence
For his part, Councillor Escandell of the president's office introduced two Formentera police officers that started work on July 1. He said the force's expansion reflected a desire by the Council to “lighten the load placed on the local Formentera police force.” Furthermore, he explained that the service, whose staff positions are filled by Council employees, was aimed at “coordinating inspection efforts, checks and safety efforts to ensure rules are upheld and Formentera continues to be a place that balances leisure with tranquility”.

Briefing on inspection service

Tomorrow, Tuesday, July 5 at 1.00pm, the Formentera Council (CiF) will unveil the administration's new inspection service (Servei d'Inspecció) on the steps of the municipal building, la Casa Consistorial. The presentation will be led by Bartomeu Escandell, president's office councillor, Alejandra Ferrer, councillor of land, and Daisee Aguilera, environment councillor, and will be followed by a media briefing in the plenary hall.

Marianet Barber well restored

Foto pou marianetThe Formentera Council's Office of Patrimony has embarked on a restoration of pou d'en Marienet, a stone well given level A protection in Formentera's catalogue of cultural heritage sites. The move came as part of a deal signed by the CiF and the owner of the land on which the well sits. Under the agreement and pursuant to Formentera subsidiary regulations on cultural patrimony, the Council committed to overseeing an archaeological and historical study of the site as well as issuing building permits and executing the well's restoration.

The operations consisted in clearing surrounding vegetation, resetting numerous stone bricks, reapplying lime mortar and treating the wood components of the well. Work crews' guiding principle was to respect the original characteristics of the well and exercise the least possible intervention. Documenting and restoration work was carried out by Antiquarium, specialists in preserving historical heritage sites. The project had a cost of 5,929 euros which was met by the Formentera Council.

Though the well's basic structure was intact, the team that restored pou d'en Marianet was faced with the challenge of erosion and a previous lack of regular maintenance. To avoid continued deterioration, the Council opted to seek preventive action. The administration noted the well's location beside the old la Mola highway (camí Vell de la Mola), a fact which guarantees accessibility.

Agreements between the Council and owners of historical heritage sites is called for under Formentera's cultural heritage site management directive, a two-year pact for 2015-2016.

Local kids offered new round of introductory farming course

Horta Infantil x Eva Parey 007The Formentera Council's agriculture office has announced it will offer a new round of made-for-children courses in introductory agriculture. Participants must be between 3 and 12 and can be signed up from today, July 1 through July 8, either in person at the Citizens' Information Office (OAC) or online on the Formentera Council website. That was the announcement made today by rural affairs councillor Bartomeu Escandell, who shared his excitement at being able to propose a second round of the beginning level farming classes still in their first year.

The thirty students who attended classes this winter spent six weeks learning how to prepare a vegetable garden and use fertilisers as well as tips on sowing and planting. Councillor Escandell said another part of the course saw students getting a primer in the important role of the countryside and proper care for the environment.

Classes start July 12
The second round of classes starts July 12, with three groups each getting two hours of instruction per week. The workshop-style learning sessions will take place Tuesdays 6.30 to 8.30pm, Fridays at the same time and Saturday mornings from 9.30 to 11.30. The classes are free and will be given near Sant Francesc's sa Tanca Vella chapel in a space called l'Hort Infantil (“children's vegetable garden”). Children are asked to come wearing comfortable clothing and shoes. Students will receive telephone confirmation of acceptance from the CiF's Office of Agriculture once the signups period is over. An additional list will be created for children who prefer other possible dates to take the course.

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