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Consell celebrates Diada de Formentera

2019diada1The Consell de Formentera hosted its celebration of the Diada de Formentera by honouring local residents and businesses with awards—the island's gold medal (Medalla d'Or) and the Premis Sant Jaume. The 8.30pm ceremony took place at the Sala de Cultura (Cinema).

Sant Jaume awards
One of the Sant Jaume awards goes to AECC Formentera. The Formentera chapter of the Asociación Española contra el Cáncer, from its leadership to its corps of volunteers, work with selfless generosity to better the lives of people living with cancer, to accompany and support them and their families, not only acting as advocates for those who are suffering, but also supporting prevention efforts in building awareness around health issues.

Jazz&Co also received the distinction. In twenty-five years, they have become an unavoidable feature of our cultural landscape. The group is synonymous with summer nights, and live (particularly jazz) music in the squares of Sant Francesc and Sant Ferran, and bringing into the fold both local talent and international names.

The other Premi Sant Jaume goes to Can Forn in Sant Francesc, for sixty years of service as a family-run, local shop, and one which, across the generations, has stayed true to its original allure as a neighbourhood outpost.

Gold medal
This year's Medalla d'Or will go to Formenterers Solidaris in recognition of the charitable, altruistic and humanitarian work the association performs to address the needs of the less fortunate through support and orientation, as well as local funding for aid and development projects across the globe.

A representative of the group expressed appreciation for the award on behalf of other honourees, and President Alejandra Ferrer gave an address to the crowd in which she saluted this year's winners.

The prize-winners are “a mirror where we can see ourselves reflected", said Ferrer, "You reflect us, and that's a great and fantastic responsibility”. “Your deeds and values are commendable, and we hope they guide us as a people”.

The evening concluded with a performance by local band Sweet Lure. Among those in attendance were the Balearic first minister Francina Armengol and deputy first minister Juan Pedro Ylanes; not to mention Sílvia Tur, Formentera's provincial councillor at the regional parliament; Vicenç Thomas, the body's chairman; Consell d'Eivissa president Vicent Marí; Santa Eulària mayor Carmen Ferrer; and Consell de Formentera leadership.

24 July 2019
Communication department
Consell de Formentera

Consell officials meet with cooperation fund reps

reunio---fina-darder1President Alejandra Ferrer and the councillor of social welfare, Rafael Ramírez, met yesterday with Fina Darder, the coordinator of the Fons Pitiús de Cooperació. The meeting marked administration officials' first with representatives of the fund for cooperation so far this legislative term, and according to President Ferrer, it came with an agreement “to continue working in partnership to develop cooperation projects and support for the underprivileged”.

The Consell de Formentera is a member of the fons (fund)—a non-profit that drives cooperation and humanitarian aid projects in addition to efforts to educate and train residents of the two Pityusic islands. Councillor Ramírez and Darder made plans for a subsequent gathering to continue working on some of the day-to-day issues facing the lifeguard and rescue service.

23 July 2019
Communication department
Consell de Formentera

Formentera lifeguard crew huddles for group photo

foto-grup-socorristes-2019v3-1President Alejandra Ferrer and interior councillor Josep Marí stood in plaça de la Constitució today for a group photo with the Consell de Formentera lifeguards of 2019.

From 15 June to 15 September —the high season— the 23-person corps of lifeguards will stand guard over beaches at ses Illetes, Cala Saona, Llevant, Arenals and es Pujols.

The team slims down to 15 from the 15th to the 30th of September, and drops down to 10 from 30 September to 31 October. Lifeguard and rescue service is maintained on the island thanks to Consell de Formentera funding from 1 May to 31 October.

Accessible, 'heart safe' beaches
Arenals and es Pujols have been fitted for adapted swim for individuals with reduced mobility. The service can be requested —only when the green flag is raised— from 12 noon to 5.00pm.

Every lifeguard station on the island is equipped with a defibrillator to assist in cases of cardiac and pulmonary arrest.

To check sea conditions, visit www.platgesdebalears.com.

Meeting with union representatives

reunio-ugt-consell premsav21Two Consell de Formentera councillors—Rafael Ramírez of the Management department and Paula Ferrer of human resources—met today with the chief officer for public sector employment of the General Union of Workers (UGT) in the Balearics. The day's encounter marked the first of its kind between Consell and a UGT official, and served to lay the groundwork for joint efforts ahead. Councillor Ferrer and Miguel Ángel Romero spoke with union delegates afterwards, where they agreed to hold periodic talks to address the range of everyday issues facing workers.

Councillor Ferrer hailed Romero's visit, and applauded the UGT for “130 years of fighting for workers' rights”. The Consell's human resources chief pledged, for her part, to “work with unions to make sure that the public administration works as it should”.

22 July 2019
Communication department
Consell de Formentera

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