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Local musicians give outdoor concerts —‘musical aperitifs’— every Sunday at noon

cartell 2020 aperitus musicalsEarlier today the Formentera Department of Culture announced details about “Aperitius musicals”—a new outdoor concert series on the 2020 autumn/winter calendar. Every Sunday from noon till two, local acts will play in distinct public areas. Performances will alternate between Casa del Poble de la Mola, Carrer Guillem de Montgrí plaza in Sant Ferran and the patio of Casa de sa Senieta in Sant Francesc.

Culture chief Susana Labrador tied the origins of the initiative to a petition from local association Formentera Musical: “We want to enrich the dynamism of the local cultural scene beyond the summer season, particularly a year like this one when the Covid-19 crisis has put the sector on such shaky ground”. “It’s about supporting local musicians, but it’s also about creating options for open-air cultural and musical activities. We hope that this is one many islanders can enjoy, and we know people will be respectful of public health protocol”, added Labrador.

The series starts Sunday 1 November and runs until Sunday 27 December:

1 November / Sa Senieta patio (Sant Francesc)
8 November / Carrer de Guillem de Montgrí plaza (Sant Ferran)
15 November / Casa del Poble de la Mola
22 November / Sa Senieta patio (Sant Francesc)
29 November / Carrer de Guillem de Montgrí plaza (Sant Ferran)
6 December / Casa del Poble de la Mola
13 December / Sa Senieta patio (Sant Francesc)
20 December / Carrer de Guillem de Montgrí plaza (Sant Ferran)
27 December / Casa del Poble de la Mola

Concerts will be cancelled in the event of inclement weather.

This musical initiative is presented by Formentera Musical and Consell de Formentera. Concerts will follow the same format as Música a les Places this summer: roped off audience area, chairs where audience members can sit and Covid-19 safety protocol in effect.

27 October 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

President Alejandra Ferrer explains enforcement of new emergency orders

Foto 2020 AF compareixencaConsell de Formentera premiere Alejandra Ferrer gave a press conference and open address to explain the latest round of public health measures and nighttime mobility restrictions stemming from the central government’s newest invocation of emergency powers. After speaking the president took questions from media representatives and from regular islanders who had sent WhatsApp messages to the Formentera Department of Citizen Participation.

President Ferrer explained that yesterday’s declaration of a new state of emergency meant people across Spain would see their movement restricted from 11.00pm to 6.00am. The Consell has already called for a 12-midnight start on Formentera provided the local public health situation remains stable.

Saturday saw the local adoption of a host of additional measures that involved loosening existing restrictions, and Ferrer asserted those changes would remain effective barring a worsening of the situation. Social and family gatherings are limited to ten people indoors and twenty outdoors. Parks have also been opened and terraces have seen capacity increased.

“The current situation is favourable but we must be extremely prudent. Today things are O.K. and in a couple of weeks they good go south, so we need to be prudent and humble with our requests”, Ferrer said. She also called on islanders to show solidarity with other Spanish territories in less favourable situations, reminding them that Formentera shares its health department with Eivissa: “Formentera patients will be at risk too if Can Misses Hospital hits saturation”.

Ferrer indicated the weeks ahead would see local leaders advocating understanding of Formentera’s distinct features and needs, in terms not just of public health, but of social and economic factors as well. As far as decision making goes, Ferrer offered that “too early is better than too late” — a strategy she said had remained unchanged since the first wave of the pandemic.

“We are now in the midst of the second wave”, Ferrer told islanders. The majority of new cases can be traced to festive encounters and leisure: gatherings with family or friends — particularly at night, when inhibitions subside and people tend to be more relaxed. “We all want to be able to gather again as usual”, said the president, “but when we do that we endanger ourselves and those we love. If we want to be able to come together again, today we need to keep our distance, we need to wear masks and avoid contact with people outside our stable core”.

“Winter’s coming and with it other ailments like the flu and respiratory afflictions which, combined with the coronavirus, can become very dangerous and aggravate symptoms no matter how old the patient is.”

“If we take care of each other we’ll enjoy more day-to-day freedoms like going to school, working and maintaining social relations in limited groups. With the arrival of cold weather we’ll be using indoor spaces more, making the virus’s spread more likely, so Formentera will be staying home at night. We’ll do it knowing that we may be subject to restrictions but we’re still able to lead mostly normal lives.” Ferrer called for islanders to be responsible and respect rules, “not least because we know the alternative to our current situation: stricter measures”.

Click here to see President Ferrer’s full address.

26 October 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

Consell unveils latest round of social and cultural integration course for immigrants

cartell 2020 curs integracioThe Formentera Department of Social Welfare reports that open enrolment runs today through 30 October for the fourteenth round of a free course seeking to promote the social and cultural integration of participating students. The Balearic government offers those who successfully complete the course a report accrediting their ambition to integrate, and instruction is tailored to help individuals who are preparing for the CCSE citizenship test. Encouraging local immigrants to take part, department chief Rafael Ramírez trumpeted the course as a double boost to participants, helping them integrate in society and stay on the right side of administrative paperwork”.

Public health imperatives mean class size will go from 15 to 12, and spaces will be awarded by order of enrolment. Individuals interested in signing up should inquire at the social welfare office during regular office hours, 9.00am to 2.00pm. A valid ID (temporary residence card or passport) is required for registration.

The course will be conducted over 20 hours in two weekly sessions, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4.30 to 7.00pm, and will be held in the large classroom of the Escola d’Adults.

Instructor Dolores Fernández Tamargo will cover topics including Spain’s constitutional values, human rights and civil liberties, the Balearic Statute of Autonomy, the European Union and gender equality, among others.

26 October 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

“Orientalismos” arrives Monday at ‘Ajuntament Vell’ gallery

cartell 2020 orientalismosThis Monday at 6.00pm, Orientalismos will take up residence at the Sala d’Exposicions “Ajuntament Vell”. The exhibit is open to the public —barring weekly closures on Sunday and Monday— from 11.00am to 2.00pm and 6.00pm to 8.00pm until 7 November.

Orientalismos is the union of Aida Miró and Simona Marziani, two artists and lovers of travel, nature and wide-ranging cultural influences, but it is also an invitation, beckoning visitors to join its creators on a tour of the ample range of possibilities offered by resin.

The paintings and artistic objects which Miró and Marziani exhibit integrate and harmonise that which surrounds them: nature; colourful, original characters; music and dance and the meeting of the free spirits of distinct cultures and countries, particularly those of the East (meditation, Zen, Buddhism, yoga, mandalas...). These things play their part in the creative process and exercise a discernible influence on the two artists.

Eivissa-born Aida Miró has lived in New York for the last six years, giving classes and working out of her studio in the Bronx. She received her undergraduate’s in fine arts and a doctorate in education, writing a dissertation on contemporary Japanese butoh dance that received cum laude mention from the Autonomous University of Madrid.

Simona Marziani was born in Milan, where she started illustrating and designing trompe l’oeils after studying art. Focusing energy on her own creative work since 1995, Marziani lives on Eivissa. She is a lover of Eastern philosophy, travel and nature.

23 October 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

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