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Formentera shoppers score with Christmas edition of Compra a Casa

nadal-compra-a-casa1The Formentera government teamed up today with the small- and medium-sized business association, or Pimef, to deliver the first-prize in the campaign ‘Al Nadal Compra a Casa’ (This Christmas, Buy Local) to one lucky island shopper. Trade councillor Ana Juan and Pimef chief Lidia Álvarez gave Luigi Piacenzi his €200 gift card, with another card, valued at €100, promised to second-place winner Neus Marí Riera.

The new winter push means that the perks of buying local will continue in the months ahead. Islanders who spend money at participating businesses during the last week in January, February and March will be automatically entered to win a €50 gift card.

Purchases must be of €15 or more. The January drawing will be held the first week in February; the February drawing the first week in March; the March drawing the first week in April.

15 January 2020
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

This weekend, Formentera welcomes thirteenth Festival of Children’s Entertainment

2019 mostra infantil 3Formentera’s office of culture reports that in the coming days islanders will be treated to the latest round of a 13-year-old tradition, the Mostra d’Espectacles Infantils, or “Festival of Children’s Entertainment”. With productions scheduled for Friday the 17th, Saturday the 18th and Monday the 20th, education and culture councillor Susana Labrador described it as “a wide-ranging slate of cultural programming for the island’s theatregoers in training”.

A story of personal triumph, Theatre Festuc’s Carretó de Contes unfolds from 6.00pm at Marià Villangómez library in Sant Francesc. The Lleida-based theatre troupe promises magic and fun for all those willing to climb aboard and set off on a journey to the land of dreams. With a mixed bag of touch, sight and sound, the local production titillates the senses of viewers (two and up) and admission is free.

Theatre Festuc is also behind the second show, Adéu Peter Pan, which takes shape at the Sala de Cultura the following day at 6.00pm. From the jump, the part-puppet part-human cast of this fun, sensitive production will win the hearts of audience members young and old. Adults get in free to this timeless tale for the whole family. Admission for kids is €5.

Adéu Peter Pan snagged the 2019 Fetén Award for Best Stage Design and the 21st Castile-León Theatre Fair’s award for Best Production. The show has also been celebrated with a 2019 Max Awards nomination for the performing arts, and was a finalist for the Xarxa Alcover Prize of the 2018 Igualada Children’s and Youth Theatre Fair.

On Monday 20 January, La Impaciència will present the 2019 Bòtil Award-winning La minyonia d’un infant orat. Penned by the Mallorca-born playwright Llorenç Riber, La minyonia d’un infant orat is more than something to see; it is an experience, and one that will have audience members feeling like kids again. The show won the Bòtil Award’s “The Balearics do theatre and literature” prize.

Theatre Festuc
In 2003, a natural inclination toward the arts and the desire to turn passion into a lifestyle pushed Íngrid Teixidó and Pere Pàmpols to form Festuc Teatre. Still today, “Theatre Festuc” embodies two overarching goals: that showgoers enjoy themselves, while reflecting on the values discussed in any given play.

La Impaciència
Borne of the union of Luca Bonadei, Rodo Gener and Salvador Oliva, the three theatrical veterans of “The Impatience” have earned many honours in the years since they began performing, and scored big hits with 2004’s Una nit vaig somiar que mon pare era Déu, 2006’s Radiografies, and 2009’s In-consciència.

Sa Xerxa
The Festival of Children’s Entertainment is organised by Sa Xerxa for children’s and youth theatre in the Balearic Islands, and by the Consell de Formentera.

The idea that culture is a fundamental right hasn’t just shaped Sa Xerxa’s 15-year professional trajectory, it is the driving force behind every activity they organise. It all started at the Children’s and Youth Theatre Fair of the Balearic Islands, or FIET. Drawing almost eighteen thousand theatre fans, both professionals and families alike, to its 2019 stage in Vilafranca, FIET has recently become one of the biggest theatre-related events in Spain.

14 January 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Formentera doubles free courses for island’s agrarian and livestock sector

cursos-agricultura-2020 v21Formentera’s agriculture office reports that January marks the start of a fresh crop of free courses for the island’s agricultural and livestock sector. 2020 comes with a total of nine courses—twice as many as the previous year. Enrolment is open now and can be completed at the Citizen Information Office (OAC) or online on the OVAC.

The first course on the list covers rudimentary learning for individuals who use plant health products at their places of work. Twenty-five hours of instruction will unfold from 20-25 January and give participants access to a basic phytosanitary product handlers’ permit.

And a special refresher course exists for individuals with more than ten years of on-the-job experience using plant protection products. It lasts 12 hours and takes place from 28-30 January.

The other courses are as follows:
· 27 January: Horticultural Planning (4 hours)
· 13 February: Growing fruit trees on Formentera (4)
· 18 February: Best hygiene practices in ag production (3)
· 24 February: Olive oil production (3)
· 25 February: Growing olive trees on Formentera (4)
· 29 February: Integrated management of Xylella fastidiosa (5)
· 19 March: Managing crop irrigation (4)

Highlighting a course on olive oil extraction, agriculture councillor Josep Marí drew attention to an expanding body of courses aimed at meeting the requests of local plant and livestock farmers. “There’s growing interest in training among islanders in agrarian trades”, said Marí, asserting: “Recovering our countryside is key for our administration”.

The retooled 2020 course catalogue comes with some familiar names, like integrated management of Xylella fastidiosa, and there is also a brand-new course on managing agricultural irrigation with Formentera’s still inactive irrigation pond.

14 January 2020
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Formentera to islanders: ‘Report caterpillar nests found on property’

processiona--riajjjPer article 19 of a piece of legislation known as Healthy Vegetation Act 43/2002, the Formentera environment office wishes to remind islanders of their duty to report any pine processionary nests they discover and maintain wooded areas on their property in healthy conditions. Recently, the Healthy Forests Service of the Balearic Islands’ Natural Spaces and Biodiversity Section used a specially adapted helicopter to tackle the pine processionary plague with aerial dustings of the biological agent Bacillus thuringiensis.

Environment councillor Antonio J. Sanz held it up as “a particularly important measure” and reminded landowners on the island that they are responsible for removing nests or contacting the environment office should doing so prove impossible.

The caterpillars’ winter march towards untreated corners of the island is visible in dry leaves at the tips of branches and the pests’ formation into nests to stay warm. The pine processionary feeds on the leaves of white pines, reaping grave damage if the feedings become intense or frequent enough, or if the affected trees are in a weakened state. Bearing this last point in mind is particularly important, since the pest can become highly problematic for pine groves.

The environment arm of the Consell de Formentera and the Balearic Healthy Forests’ Service wish to remind islanders:

1.- Report any detected pine processionary caterpillars, including location and number of nests, to the authorities. This can be done on the Linea Verde app, online, or in person at the Department of Environment.

2.- Any detected nests should be destroyed.

3.- The best way to stem the pine processionary’s spread is by cutting loose its nests and incinerating them.

4.- Protective measures (wearing long-sleeved shirts, gloves and protective goggles) are recommended to make sure the caterpillar’s irritating hairs don’t affect the person doing the cutting.

5.- Remember that the caterpillar’s hairs can came come off in the wind (or when a nest is cut loose) and cause rashes or allergic reactions if they come in contact with skin. Hence, individuals are encouraged to cut the nests with one’s back to oncoming wind.

6.- Nests that are removed should be incinerated one by one, far from forested areas to keep the rist of fire to a minimum.

7.- The caterpillars can also be destroyed by squashing them mechanically or shooting at them with a firearm. In the latter case, the operator of the gun must possess a hunting permit and meet other regulations concerning open hunting and special seasonal guidelines (as posted in issue 91 of the Balearic gazette of 6 July 2019).

For more information visit the Healthy Forests’ Service website at http://sanitatforestal.caib.es, call the office at 971 17 66 66 or send them an email ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). Islanders can alternately visit Formentera’s environment office (in Sant Ferran at Carrer Mallorca, 15), telephone the office at 971 32 12 10 (extension 1) or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

13 January 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

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