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Formentera stages lectures, discussions and film screenings for trans* depathologisation day

cartell 2020 dia transEarlier today, the Formentera Department of Equality and LGTBI Affairs unveiled its programme of activities to commemorate International Day of Action for Trans* Depathologisation the third weekend in October. Consellera Vanessa Parellada underscored the importance of “programming that helps normalise gender diversity, build dialogue and mutual support among trans people”.

First on the bill is a 7.00pm film screening this Thursday in La Mola’s Casa del Poble. Italian filmmaker Margherita Ferri’s début effort, Zen sul ghiaccio sottile chronicles the travails of a young person bullied for being masculine. The screening will be emceed by Laura Esteva, the coordinator of OUT (the Balearic Islands Film Festival for Affective Diversity – Palma de Mallorca).

On Thursday 22 October, Lena Castells, who heads the division of the Balearic Islands’ Office of Rights and Diversity responsible for coordination and support around sexual and gender diversity, will lead discussion on the role of public policy in stamping out the practice of treating trans identities as a medical ailment (7.00pm, Sala d’Actes).

Lastly, same time and same place on Tuesday 27 October, the Consell will host a screening of the documentary Resistència Trans, a portrait of trans resistance at a time when awareness is beginning to take root. Lead actor Carmen Fernández will be on hand for a discussion to follow.

5 October 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

Formentera salutes work of island law enforcement during pandemic

foto 2020 honorifics PLF 3The Consell de Formentera paid tribute to Formentera Local Police today as the island observed an annual salute to law enforcement. Special thanks were in order for the whole force, with Crosses for Police Merit awarded to every officer along with exceptional honours going to department chief Félix Ramos for his work during the crisis stemming from the coronavirus pandemic. Enrique Gómez Bastida, for his part, received honorary decorations from the Consell as chief commander of the Eivissa-Formentera Guardia Civil.

In a speech, Consell premier Alejandra Ferrer emphasised Formentera Local Police’s work during what she acknowledged was an “intense year”, asserting “the ensemble of this force put public service first when the chips were down, when what we needed to effectively explain and uphold emergency order restrictions were officers of the law that were also members of the community”.

Alluding to the current state of affairs, Ferrer acknowledged, “It’s tough to stay optimistic amid this second wave of new cases, but today we can take satisfaction in the unwavering effort that our local officers have without respite put in”. “Indeed”, she continued, “perseverance will ultimately be what gets us through and ensures we come out fighting on the other side. I ask all of us to keep our guards up — not to live in fear, but with respect and a sense of personal responsibility for sake of the common good”.

In his remarks, interior chief Josep Marí said that key to securing islanders’ cooperation with Covid-19-related restrictions had been the “tremendous industry of the force collectively, not just during the state of emergency but after as well, in this most atypical of seasons.” Police chief Ramos had praise for officers too, along with a special show of gratitude for their collaborative work with other emergency responders. Ramos also joined in heaping appreciation on Commander Bastida. Speaking on behalf of the force as a whole, school liaison officer Pilar Daviu saluted Chief Ramos’s work and his support for officers.

Honours for Formentera Local Police officers
Nine officers —José Yern, Carlos Malberti, Marcos Roig, Marc Aragay, Javier Torrens, Pilar Daviu, Vicente Aguilar, Sergi Rodríguez and José Antonio Perera— earned the Cross for Police Merit, along with a green badge for valour, distinction, acumen and virtue. Special commendation centred on the force’s “professionalism, public spirit and bravery in successfully executing the complex work of coronavirus crisis responders”. After emergency powers were invoked, Formentera’s law officers did more than carry on upholding public safety; they took on new functions which demanded unflagging effort in their own right. With the crisis still in effect today, those efforts persist.

Honours for Police chief Félix Ramos
Police chief Ramos was given the same Cross for Police Merit and green badge as the rest of the force, along with special mention for bestowing dignity and prestige on the work of local law enforcement and for bravery, exemplary conduct and distinction in the face of the grave, strange and unpredictable public health threat Covid-19 represents.

Honours for Commander Enrique Gómez Bastida
The chief commander of the Eivissa-Formentera civil guard received the Consell’s Honorary Decoration — a distinction awarded on a discretionary basis to people and entities not on the force for dedication and determination to the benefit of the objectives of Formentera Local Police. As the sole delegate commander, a figure that is accountable for public safety and responsible for local security and police forces, Bastida rose to serve amid a public health disaster in which the commander’s management, coordination and leadership showed valour, excellence, judgement and ability. Bastida’s professionalism, public spirit and bravery equipped the commander to perform duties with distinct success — a particularly remarkable feat considering the unusual backdrop of the state of emergency in response to Covid-19. Commander Bastida displayed valuable leadership with altruism, self-sacrifice and commitment to safety and public health.

Also on hand at the event were the Balearic minister of modernisation and public administrations, Isabel Castro; the central government’s delegate on Eivissa and Formentera, Enrique Sánchez Navarrete; officers of the Spanish police and Guardia Civil; Formentera deputy premier Ana Juan; local cabinet councillors and members of the opposition; and family and friends of local law enforcement officers.

3 October 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

8 October, ‘Xerrades per a famílies’ returns to take on digital addictions

cartell 2020 xerrada per a fThe Formentera Department of Social Welfare reports that 8 October will mark the return of the “Xerrades per a famílies” lecture series. Now in year three, “Family chats” benefits from the collaboration of the Association of Mothers and Fathers (Amipa) and the Federation of Parents and Pupils’ Associations (Fapa).

In the first lecture, cybersecurity specialist and speaker on cybersecurity solutions Lluís Mulero will make sense of cybersecurity and defending against digital addictions. The event starts at 5.00pm in Centre d’Esports Nàutics training room (aula de formació) in La Savina.

According to social welfare chief Rafael Ramírez, “‘Xerrades per a famílies’ are geared towards preventing problematic behaviour and supporting local families and educational staff”. Aside from tweaks to bring the lectures in line with pandemic protocol, Ramírez insisted the guiding principle remained unchanged: “As spaces where information can be shared and learning fostered, these talks aim to improve the educational process and shape strategies to promote children’s integral development”.

Tips on managing screen time at home
In addition to leading seminars in schools and institutions, Mulero is also the author of habitoscibersaludables.com, a blog where sharing best practices and tips for screen time. Sunday’s talk will offer strategies and resources to help attendees tackle screen addictions, set and stick to time limits, protect children from dangerous content and offer safeguards against cyberbullying.

Screen addiction constitutes a serious problem the  knock-on effects of which, far from simply an impaired ability to socialise, can impact academic performance. Twenty per cent of young people are thought to be affected, and the condition has ramifications that follow sufferers later in life. Known as “vamping”, technology-related disruption of rest and sleep has become one of the leading reasons for early school leaving.

Each of the “Xerrades per a famílies” sessions will take place at the CENF in La Savina. Capacity is limited and spaces can be reserved by emailing educaciosocial@conselldeformentera.cat or phoning 971.32.12.71.

2 October 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

Eyeing European recovery fund, Formentera highlights eight projects driven by sustainability

Appealing to the European Fund for Recovery and Resilience, the Consell de Formentera has submitted eight project proposals which, if accepted, would entail a combined investment of nearly nine million euros. Spain has already been promised €140 billion, nearly €73 billion of which will go toward projects with themes like the ecological and digital transitions, human capital improvements, social and territorial cohesion and equality.

Charged with selecting a short list of candidate projects within the region, the Govern balear says coordination between institutions and social and economic stakeholders will be key to ensuring only the very best proposals make it to Madrid, thus increasing the chances that a maximum amount of funding is awarded to the Balearic Islands.

According to Consell premier Alejandra Ferrer, “times of crisis like these require investment from beyond local and regional government. That’s why the Consell has presented eight cross-cutting projects in harmony with our model of sustainable island and committed to causes like improving waste management, controlling moorage along the local seaboard and promoting electric vehicles across municipal transport.”

Construction and demolition waste treatment plant

Projected investment: €1,771,340.76

With this new plant, Formentera could guarantee construction and demolition waste is reused according to the principles outlined in Law 8/2019 on polluting soils and waste.

Included in Formentera’s Sectorial Plan on Waste, the plant delivers on goals for the reuse of construction and demolition materials. Repurposed raw materials drawn from waste treatment will also constitute a return on investment.

Organic waste treatment plant

Projected investment: €1,795,000

Included in Formentera’s Sectorial Plan on Waste, a new plant to locally treat organic waste delivers on goals concerning the reuse cycle of organic waste and waste separation at point of origin. It would also mean productivity increases and a boost for innovation, particularly as part of the digital and ecological transition.

Implementing plan to regulate moorage along Formentera seaboard

Projected investment: €619,333.11

A system of controls on moorage across the Formentera seaboard would not only protect the coastline and promote its regeneration, the project would be in line with the Natura 2000 comprehensive management plan. Revenue from rental of regulated moorage buoys additionally permit a full return on investment.

Undergrounding organic waste bins

Projected investment: €558,600

Selectively collected local organic waste, whether from homes or businesses, could be used to generate agriculture-grade organic compost. The resulting high-quality compost could enrich nutrient-poor farmland on the island and reinvigorate the countryside.

Not only would the investment ultimately pay for itself given savings on transport to Eivissa’s Ca na Putxa waste tip, the action would extend the useful lifetime of the waste bins.

Electric vehicles and recharge stations for island’s bus service

Projected investment: €1.5 million

Three electric minibuses and associated electrical recharge stations for the island’s public transport service would improve mobility for all islanders, especially those of reduced income and at risk of social exclusion. Public transport will be free for riders in these groups.

Digitising Formentera commerce

Projected investment: €560,000

With a virtual marketplace encompassing all local businesses and “payment promenade” toward individual websites, Formentera businesses could increase their capacity for economic recovery and, it is anticipated, increase sales as well as Formentera products’ penetration in other markets.

Improvements in Es Pujols tourism hub

Projected investment: €1,217,156.64

Increased alignment of Es Pujols with visitor expectations would diminish the perception of “massification” voiced by tourists. A comprehensive reform could eliminate vehicle traffic in town and substitute/modernise existing hydraulic infrastructure whilst creating a exclusively pedestrian zone and beautified streets. These marked improvements in the town’s centre would benefit a reactivation of tourism and business in Formentera’s largest tourism hub. In addition to improved water management sustainability, mobility and waste management, the project could change the face of the typical Es Pujols tourist, with today’s nightlife-seeking young person becoming tomorrow’s buttoned-up family man, more harmonious with what is commonly promoted on the island.

Purchasing and converting Can Tomàs into a site of cultural and environmental interest

Projected investment: €900,000

Conversion of a 213,312-sq.-metre plot of protected rural land on Eivissa-Formentera Ses Salines nature reserve (including features of archaeological, ethnological, cultural and heritage interest) into a public-use site. Acquisition of the property would mean the Ca na Costa dig site —the oldest megalithic sepulchre in the Balearic Islands and currently in private hands— would enter the public domain, carrying profound benefits for the enhancement and enjoyment by the public of this monument of local archaeological heritage.

Besides being key to developing a programme to highlight, disseminate and enrich the features of archaeological, ethnological and scenic interest, the action would support land-use strategies based on historical activities.

2 October 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

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