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People with disabilities at Day Centre pilot veg patch and aromatic garden

feina hort aromaticLocal social welfare councillor Vanessa Parellada and Maria Uriarte, the director of island's care centre for dependent individuals, sat in on occupational training course centred around the centre's vegetable and aromatic garden. The hands-on course, just one of the numerous therapeutic activities made available to people with disabilities at the Formentera Day Centre, is premised on enabling individuals to achieve their maximum level of personal autonomy and social involvement through comprehensive daily work. Underpinned by personalised care for each participant, the course turns on the idea of stimulating and maintaining participants' abilities and aptitudes.

The course will entail students' preparation of the aromatic plant garden, which will later provide material to be incorporated into personal care products, like soaps and oils, and ultimately sold. Technical support in the planning and execution of the course came from Petits Jardiners, a company run by Pablo Aixelá.

The course is aimed at giving individuals at the Formentera Day Centre occupational training-style alternatives for personal and social development. Other objectives include promoting participants' ability to engage in interpersonal relationships, as well as increased personal autonomy and community involvement.

More specific targets exist as well, like participants' learning how to safely and appropriately use tools and understanding the steps that go into the creation of a garden as well as the forthcoming task of crafting original products and selling them at Formentera's Christmas market and farmers' market.

During its initial phase, the ten individuals taking part in the course will meet twice a week, on Wednesdays and Fridays from 11.00am to 12.30pm. The price of setting up the garden and the first phase's associated costs totalled five thousand euros.

Projecte Mut, Strombers and Voice & Sense hold down bill for evening of concerts

foto projecte mutToday brought the announcement of one of the main draws of the Office of Culture's Christmas 2017 programme, an evening of concerts in Sant Ferran. Performances, staged inside the festival tent at plaça de Sant Ferran, will kick into action at 10.00pm with homegrown songsmith Marí (formerly Pez Limón) opening the way for Ibiza-based heavyhitters Projecte Mut. Strombers will close out the bill with a show that promises to continue into the morning.

Local talent
Tasked with heading up the round of evening performances is hometown act Marí. In addition to receiving an education at the local school of music and the conservatory that serves the two Pitiüsa islands, Joan Marí trained as an actor in Juan Carlos Corazza school in Madrid. After playing in groups like Pez Limón in the capital and Endèmicks on Formentera, Marí cast his bid as a solo act in 2016. He is currently wrapping up production on his first album, Fénix, alongside Eivissa producer Joan Barbé (Projecte Mut, Ressonadors, Statuas d Sal...). Marí has had to cancel his performance due to a case of pharyngitis. Voice & Sense will perform in his place.

Projecte Mut
Just shy of midnight, Projecte Mut will take the stage to share with Formentera 10 Anys i Bons, a disc that celebrates the group's ten years of history through some of the their essential tracks, which include collaborations with La Pegatina, Els Catarres, Els Amics de les Arts, Gerard Quintana, Gossos, Maria del Mar Bonet, Blaumut, Quimi Portet, Cris Juanico, Cesk Freixas, Sanjosex and Miquel Gil. Now, as Projecte Mut prepares to perform before Formentera crowds, the group packs more punch than ever.

Closing out the evening's rollicking festivities, the band led by Cardona Strombers will get folks dancing with their mix of ska, Latin rhythms, reggae, rock and country. With ten years of performing under their belts and still every ounce their original youthful, partygoing attitude, Strombers are well on their way to becoming one of the strongest musical groups in the region.

Diabéticas Aceleradas bring their latest act to Formentera

diabeticasThe Formentera Council's Office of Culture has announced that this Saturday December 10 as part of its Christmas activities programme, Formentera audiences will be able to see Gran Buffet (Ca Ses Brutes), the latest from Majorcan theatre group Diabéticas Aceleradas.

«Gran Buffet (Ca Ses Brutes)»
The piece centres on the story of middle-aged triplet sisters who run a bar in the intensely blue-collar Palma neighbourhood around plaça de ses Columnes. With an active mixing of castes, races, languages and colours, the quarter is, today, a symbol of our pluralistic and globalised society.

Our protagonists, Maria del Calvari, Maria Mateva and Maria Tot Sol suck us in to the sometimes madcap sometimes humdrum existence of triplet sisters. One has been in and out of relationships so often she's lost count, one is a widower and one has yet to ever meet a man. All of them born to a widower, they run a bar that has been in their family for years. To peek into their family-run establishment is to witness as a who's who of characters enters and exits. Some are endearing, some odd, some over-the-top, some obsessive-compulsive. In short, what you'd expect to see peeking into absolutely any house on any street in any town. The often hard but always comically construed reality mixes with the daydreams of the characters that stop in at Ca Ses Brutes.

The production will be staged at Saturday December 10 at 9.00pm in the municipal cinema. Tickets are 6 euros and can be purchased 30 minutes prior to start time.

Presented in a style of theatre that is all-together innovative, Gran Buffet, with all the feel of a grittily real sitcom, showcases a cocktail of commonplace and humorous situations involving the show's more than fifteen characters, who waltz in and out of the bar in a style reminiscent of Siete vidas, Aida or Mossèn Capellà. The play is organised into five episodes, with title sequences and summaries of previous episodes, acted out before the live audience.

Diabéticas Aceleradas
The year 2016 marked Diabéticas Aceleradas' thirtieth in the performing arts. The group's style combines the expressive codes of popular theatre with forays into other formulas that might include everything from cabaret to soliciting audience interaction. The ever-present goal is to provide a reading of our own society that is based in humour and a touch of insanity.

The most important thing that a healthy society can do is know how to laugh at itself. Such was a founding pillar of Diabéticas Aceleradas. Ca Ses Brutes is the troupe's fifteenth production.

Investing in culture
The show receives support from Institut d'Estudis Baleàrics via Talent IB, a programme to promote the performing arts, as well as Fundació Baleària and Trasmapi.

Formentera jumps aboard push to tackle gender violence

foto presentacio pacteCiF vice-president Susana Labrador, along with social welfare councillor Vanessa Parellada and numerous representatives from local groups and associations, gathered today to hear Pilar Costa and Rosa Cursach speak about the crusade to stamp out domestic abuse. At 11.00am in the administration's plenary hall, the minister of the president's office of the Govern balear and the chair of the Institut Balear de la Dona gave a talk centred on what's being called the “pact against gender violence”.

Under code word ReAcció, the initiative launched by the Palma government and IB-Dona aims to galvanise people around concrete steps to denounce, prevent and eradicate violence against women.

According to the CiF vice-president, the Council will sign on to the ReAcció manifesto and pact at next Friday December 17's plenary gathering. She also highlighted a forthcoming plan for equality and a new framework for taking aim at gender violence locally. The social welfare councillor called the “social covenant” a way to meet the urgent need for active local involvement around the issue.

Visit www.reaccionem.com to read the manifesto and sign on to the conditions. Individuals can take part by pledging to participate in any one of a number of suggested actions. Groups and associations can propose their own ideas for contributing to the social pact.

Formentera fire crew tames flames of warehouse fire at industrial park

incendi polígon industrialThe Formentera fire brigade extinguished a blaze in the early hours of the morning at Formentera’s industrial park. Firefighters, who received notice of the fire at 12.02am and arrived on the scene nine minutes later, had the flames under control by 12.55am. The fire was declared fully extinguished at 3.00am. The response team, besides a four-person crew of Council firefighters operating a fire engine, included civil protection volunteers, an ambulance team and employees of the Guardia Civil.

The fire broke out in a garage at the Sant Francesc industrial park. An estimated 250 square metres were reported burned, including equipment, a van, an office space and a storage area located on an upper storey of the warehouse. The fire crew said that a carpenter’s shop and storage space adjacent to the warehouse suffered smoke damage. The cause of the fire is as yet unknown. The Guardia Civil is investigating.

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