Formentera signs deal with Govern to promote fitness

foto conveni promo esportiva1Jaume Ferrer and Fanny Tur, chairman of the Formentera Council and the Balearic Islands' minister of culture, participation and sport, respectively, sat down today to sign into action a deal to promote fitness in 2018. The Fundació—or “foundation”—for fitness in the Balearics, part of the regional ministry, is unlocking €100,000 to benefit high-performance sport, women in sport and Formentera's image as a sport stronghold.

To that end the Council commits to:

- Supporting high-level athletes who have given standout performances nationally (medal winners in championships in Spain) and internationally (participants in European, international and Olympic meets).

- Collaborating in sporting events such as competitions, seminars and/or training courses that foster Formentera's image as a centre for sport.

- Acquiring specialised sporting material for high-level sport programmes organised by the Council.

- Providing the Fundació with proof of payment for related acquisitions, as well as a brief report of activities prior to December 31, 2018.

To ensure proper follow-up, a committee will evaluate execution of the initiative, explore issues relating to how it is interpreted and reconcile any disparities. The committee will be made up of a representative of the Council and of the Fundació.