Crews haul littered waste from es Brolls arterial

Neteja cami des brollsLoads of dumped construction materials and metal parts have been cleared from camí des Brolls and nearby land, according to the environment office of the Formentera Council. Crews removed 120 cubic metres of building supplies and four of scrap metal. The effort, said environment councillor Daisee Aguilera, was part of a plenary accord.

Aguilera expressed her hope that no future dumping occur on the newly reclaimed land, an area of significant environmental interest. The councillor encouraged people to dispose of unwanted items at the island's rubbish collection point (“deixalleria”) or the waste treatment plant in es Cap de Barbaria.

The initiative, ok'd by ses Salines park and the coastal authority, included use of a lorry specially-equipped to reduce its impact on the surrounding area.