Formentera retakes Estany des Peix

foto estany des peix 2Formentera Council chief Jaume Ferrer was joined by his administration's environment secretary, Daisee Aguilera; two deputy chairs, Susana Labrador and Bartomeu Escandell; and Compromís party spokesman Omar Juan in unveiling the broad terms of a project to regulate use of Estany des Peix.

Ferrer said the announcement came after “a great deal of reaching across the aisle between our senior cabinet team and other parties”. According to the Council chairman, the consensus between the local administration and the two agencies responsible for managing the lake (the ministry of environment of the Balearics and the national coastal authority) was linked to similar non-partisan cooperation.

Regulating use of Estany des Peix

Improper use of the estany, or "lake", has driven significant degradation of the surrounding area. The sole government agencies with jurisdiction at Estany des Peix are the Balearic environment ministry and Madrid's Demarcación de Costas.

Given the lake's importance both from an ecological standpoint and for the local community, the Formentera Council has put together a proposal to make it easier for the responsible authorities to do their job. Warm reception has so far made possible the proposal's advance through the approval process.

Architects of the proposal hope to strike a balance between two overarching aims: one, securing the area's healthy environmental regeneration, and two, preserving the lake's time-honoured use as a docking point for small watercraft.

The action areas of the proposal were worked out between the administration's component party representatives. The proposed project would benefit from the so-called “Sustainable Tourism Levy” and its engineers bank on getting the responsible authorities' go-ahead in order to implement and administer the new system here locally.

The project

Requiring €540,000 to get off the ground, the project would mean 285 moorage spots in all—207 in the traditional style and 78 which would take the form of environmentally-friendly jetties. Anchoring will be prohibited along parts of the shoreline with designated protected habitats. The removal of mooring blocks from the bottom of the lake is planned as well.

Regulated use of Estany des Peix is part of the collaborative effort, ahead of completion of the island's nautical club, to win approval for a dock in La Savina port. With numerous mooring spots planned, that dock would be the first step towards the return of local sailing activity to the port. Efforts are also under way to equip the port with a dry stack marina to allow for multi-watercraft storage.