Formentera schools applauded as pupils envision 'plastic-free nature'

foto sense plastic 2Prizes were dispatched today to the Formentera schools taking part in a contest, Per a una natura sense plàstic, that reflects a dream of seeing a world in which nature is “plastic free”. The contest, which grows out of a partnership between the Formentera Council and Trasmapi, was open to first and second year students of the island's three public schools.

The contest seeks to promote, under the banner “You are an important part of change” (Tu ets important per al canvi), earth-smart recycling practices among young islanders to impact future generations' sense of urgency behind sustainable plastics use and wholesale reduction in everyday life.

Classroom clinics served as pupils' chance to learn about the environment and recycling. They drew in a special workbook and played Kahoot, a game which, to win, participants had to respond correctly to a series of ten questions about plastics.

Three collection bins installed across the island several months ago were relocated to the schools creating the possibility for school children to learn the ropes by using them for themselves.

The end of the contest dovetailed with the bins' rollout across the island and the swappable “eco-points” programme. In the months since it began, our wonder kids have recycled 15,818 plastic bottles and cans.

Quantity recycled (per bin):

• Sant Ferran (Carrer de Sant Jaume) – 4,274 recyclable containers (3,522 bottles/752 cans)
• El Pilar de la Mola – 2,780 recyclable containers (2,315 bottles/465 cans)
• Es Pujols (info stand) – 777 recyclable containers (608 bottles/169 cans)
• Sant Francesc (Eroski supermarket) – 2,270 recyclable containers (1,998 bottles/272 cans)
• Sant Francesc (CEIP Mestre Lluís Andreu) – 5,717 recyclable containers (5,014 bottles/703 cans)

Schools were awarded the following prizes:

Most Recycled Material – Mestre Lluís Andreu (1ºB)
First Prize, Kahoot – La Mola
Second Prize, Kahoot – Mestre Lluís Andreu (2ºA)
Most Original Drawing – Sant Ferran (1ºA)
Most Be Blue Drawing – Mestre Lluís Andreu (2ºB)
Motivational Prize – Sant Ferran (1ºB)

The award for most recyclables collected overall went to Mestre Lluís Andreu.

Classes received prizes based on an array of environment-related and green awareness activities, like classes held aboard Trasmapi boats, a day dedicated to “recycling motivators”, a parent-child outing at sea and visits to the recycling plants of Formentera and Eivissa.