Loyalty card purchases totalling €100K lead to €1.5K in discounts

foto presentacio compra a casaTrade councillor Alejandra Ferrer was joined earlier today in the Formentera Council's plenary hall by Pep Mayans and Vicent Roselló, president and spokesman of Formentera's small and medium-sized business association (Pimef), to report on the loyalty programme Compra a Casa six weeks on.

Roselló explained that to date 600 cards have been handed out of which 526 have been activated by making one or more purchases. He pointed out that in a month and a half, Compra a Casa cards had been used to buy €100,000 worth of goods for an accumulated €1,500 in discounts.

Councillor Ferrer encouraged Formentera residents to sign up for the free card in any member business. Shoppers receive a minimum 1.5 per cent discount in food stores and 3 per cent in restaurants. The councillor reminded those present that Compra a Casa's main goal —to give a leg up to local businesses that operate year round— is reflected in one imperative to adhesion: opening at least eight months out of the year.

The Pimef chair extended special thanks to Compra a Casa's 50 member establishments. Any business owners interested in joining should contact the CiF Office of Trade or Pimef. The campaign's associated app, formentera365, will also be pitched to tourists in an effort to educate them on all of the local businesses open through winter.

Gift cards
Members who have used the Compra a Casa card in purchases were entered in a drawing to win four €50 gift cards that could be used in member stores. The winners were: Àngel Escandell Tur, who shopped at Expert; Manuela Amador Rodríguez, a shopper at Ofiusa; Remedios Sánchez Amores, a customer at Sant Ferran's BTQ supermarket and Fina Castelló Costa, for shopping at Avenida de la Mola.