Eight Formentera students to specialise in geriatric care

Foto taller ocupacional geriatriaThe Formentera Council's Office of Social Welfare reports that the island's adult care centre, the Centre de Dia, will host from next Thursday (February 15) a course on dependent individuals in the public health system.

The nine-month course, dubbed Tramuntana VII, will play out between February and November. Students will be trained to work in the service of dependent people in their particular arena of public health. They will learn to apply strategies developed by the appropriate interdisciplinary team and follow the steps to nurture and enhance care-recipients' personal autonomy and their interactions with their surroundings.

The programme includes 385 hours of course work and 875 hours of paid work experience, with two hours of class time and five and a half hours of work per day, at the Centre de Día or in the Council's at-home care service (SAD) and under the supervision of an instructor/course director.

Students will be paid €1,021.01 for each month of the course, in addition to accruing social security. When the course ends, participants will have the opportunity to build on their expertise, working in the field with individuals with physical, mental or sensory disabilities, or carrying out work in public health institutions.

Tramuntana VII and the accompanying job insertion programme are projects of SOIB, the employment office in the Balearic Islands, and have a budget of €130,219.33.