Regional job seekers bureau on lookout for qualified youth

foto soib joveThis week marks the last that applications will be accepted by young aspirants of a work practice programme, SOIB Jove Qualificats, that provides local administrations and associated groups a means to source their employment needs. Applicants must be:

1. Aged 18 to 29
2. Registered as a job seeker with the SOIB
3. Registered on the national youth safety net (Garantía Juvenil)
4. A graduate of a university or other higher education programme
5. Able to accept an offer of work practice for the educational track in question
6. Without previous work practice experience in the field in question

Twelve-month periods of work practice at a local entity towards employment in an applicant's chosen profession will begin during the first half of November.

Candidates must register as job seekers and adherents to Garantía Juvenil before Friday September 14 at the SOIB. Phone the SOIB (012) or visit their website (;lang=ca) to request an appointment.

Both steps can be processed at the same appointment. Candidates should come with the educational credentials for the field in which they intend to seek work experience.

Once work practice offers have been issued, in addition to being made available to young SOIB-registered aspirants who qualify, they will also be advertised on with all the related information about how to apply.