New push to promote public health vocabulary highlights quality distinction for local medical care

Salut 2017 baixaIn a nod to the gold-medal honour awarded to the island's community of medical care providers, the Formentera Council's language advisory service has teamed up with the chamber of commerce and the Pityusic small and medium-sized business group on a new outreach push. The initiative entailed design and printing of a number of posters unpacking various health-related terms. As in years past, the posters will be handed out at local shops and offices of the Council and will spotlight peculiarities and the etymology of words like guarir, salut, morbo, malaltia and infermer/a. As CiF education and culture secretary Susana Labrador explained, “the initiative seeks to highlight an important selection of words used in medical care,” something she asserted was “particularly significant given the key role such care has played for the people of Formentera”. The posters explore twelve concepts and can be requested at the Citizen's Information Office (OAC).