Notary oversees drawing to select runners in 12th Formentera Half-Marathon and 8K fun run

foto 2019 mini maratoFormentera’s department of sport reports that a drawing to determine participants in the 12th Half-Marathon and 8K Run on 16 May 2020 was overseen today by island notary Javier González Granado.

Councillor of sport Paula Ferrer highlighted the 5,623 runners who had signed up for a chance to compete, and said she was thrilled to the runs becoming “big-name events on the national calendar of popular sporting events”, conceding: “It’s a sign we’re doing things right”.

A randomised drawing determined which participants would fill 2,200 spots in the Formentera Mitja Marató and half that number in the 8K Cursa. Half-Marathon runners with numbers from 1,117 to 3,316 (both inclusive) were selected from the randomly generated figure of 1,117. For the 8K run, counting up from the random figure 9,657 gave organisers a slice that cut all the way to the end of the list (9,979) and picked up the next 777 names from 8,001.

Runners must confirm participation between 20 December and 13 January. Should spots remain unclaimed at the end of that period, organisers will pick up from where both of the original drawings left off in order to determine additional participants. An initial redrawing is tentatively scheduled from 15-20 January, a second from the 22nd to 27th, and a third from 29 January to 3 February.

18 December 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera