Performing Arts

S'Esglai theater group:
Formentera theater group was born in 1982 during an event organized to raise funds for Manos Unidas in a campaign against hunger, when a group of people staged the one-act farce La fechoría de Julio Cañado and a sort of short farce called Esperant el metge. These theatrical performances began a hobby that after thirty years still continues. The stagings continued in 1983 and with the name of s'Esglai they have staged works differently themed (comic manners, thriller, farce, black humor, etc).
To mark the golden jubilee of the establishment of the Sisters of Charity in Formentera, they performed No és mai tard si s’arriba d’hora, comedy in three acts, original by Jaume Vilanova i Torreblanca. In 1990 he returned to interpret a work of Joan Mas, Cavallet quan you jove, attempted funny and sometimes sentimental comedy that won the Mallorca Theater 1966.
On December 25, 1994, represented in a single function, the work of Bernat Joan i Marí Marí, Marc Ferrer: Formentera. La nova terra, to celebrate the 300 anniversary of the repopulation of Formentera.
Children's group also came "S'Esglaiet", which has staged the work Mans enlaire and has participated in theater shows held in Sant Josep (Eivissa) 2000. In 2007 it granted the award Premi Illes Pitiüese, which sponsors and organizes Diario de Ibiza, in this and the sixth consecutive year. Awards, we must not forget, evoke and recognize the obvious merits of people who wanted to dedicate his life to the service of history, culture, study, teaching, medicine, research, solidarity. .. in short, humanitarian efforts such as those developed by the theater group that was born and rooted in Formentera s'Esglai.

Space for training, production and research in the field of contemporary performing arts was founded in 2009 to provide a range of workshops and regular courses.
This, through an agreement with the Consell Insular de Formentera has a grant of use of the facilities of the culture room to increase supply in this discipline, providing the arrangements for:
- Regular theater course (beginners and advanced)
- Dance / movement (two levels)
- Acrobatics
- Stage Research Laboratory
- Motion Lab

Following this espai_frumentaria held on 27 March, the first Arts Day at the World Theatre Day.

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