La Mola school children take part in audio-visual workshop with Formentera Film Festival creative forces

taller-stop-motion alumnes-de-1The Formentera Council's culture department reports that yesterday and today (Monday and Tuesday, March 4-5), the organisers of the Formentera Film Festival hosted an audio-visual workshop, led by Viviana Carlet and Carlo Migotto, for school children in la Mola.

The workshop, says Mónica Timperi, is about “guiding children through the process of creating an audiovisual product with stop-motion”. For those who hear the name and think animation, the FFF director assures it is more than that: “We envision the project as a journey across the creation of a project that will embody pupils' creative originality”.

By the end of the workshop, the children had created an animated video that would become the official presentation video for Formentera Film 2019. The video will be projected every night at the start of the festival, which is scheduled to take place May 16-19.