Formentera Council names Punta Pedrera quarries study winner of research grant

The CiF patrimony department reports that a project titled “Cultural landscape of Formentera. Studying the dynamics of stone extraction and use throughout history” (Paisaje cultural de Formentera. Estudio de las dinámicas de explotación y uso de la piedra a lo largo de la historia) has been awarded the Formentera Council's 2018 research grant. The project will be led by Anna Artina, who holds a bachelor's in Art History and a master's in Classical Archaeology, and is currently a predoctoral researcher affiliated with Institut Catalpa d'Arqueologia Clàssica.

Nine researchers submitted grant requests to the Council. From a review based on scientific interest, coherency and methodology as well as the researchers' past experience, Artina's study emerged with the highest score. The Council's €6,000 grant will help ensure the research goes forward.

The project researchers' anticipated study of quarries in the punta de sa Pedrera area of the island is conceived as a pioneering attempt to pinpoint and grapple with the sites in a geomorphological context and detail the characteristics of stone extraction. Plans include conducting a historical and archaeological study of work processes from ancient to modern times in an effort to link manufactured stone construction, the selection of specific natural areas on the island and extraction techniques used to obtain the raw material.

From a scientific viewpoint the project is interesting because Formentera's marès (limestone) quarries constitute ethnological and archaeological heritage which has scarcely been documented and that has yet to undergo systematic study. The CiF culture and patrimony councillor hailed the initiative behind the project—“it will help thicken the texture of understanding around this part of our cultural heritage”.

Formentera Council
Àrea de Comunicació
March 6 2019