210 Catalan-language learners enrol in Consell de Formentera’s adult learning programme

cursos-catala--1The Consell de Formentera’s department for language policy and the Language Advisory Service (Servei d’Assessorament Lingüístic, or SAL) announce enrolment has concluded for the first module of the offices’ 2019-2020 offering of Catalan courses for adults. Two-hundred and ten islanders have signed up to take part in morning, afternoon or night classes in one of five levels (two A2 groups, two B1, two B2, two C1/C2).

Classes have been in session since mid-October and are geared towards prepping students for the January 2020 round of exams administered by the language policy arm of the Balearic government.

Formentera’s language policies consellera, Raquel Guasch, proclaimed “our administration stresses training because it’s key to fomenting people’s use of the language”, and described the response to the courses as “extremely encouraging”.

After beginners’ level lessons (A2), the second-most popular course is B1. Typical students have studied some Catalan already and passed the official A2 exam.

31 October 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera