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With eyes on future sustainable mobility plan, preliminary studies begin

Foto enquesta portThe Formentera Council's Office of Mobility has announced that from tomorrow to August 15 crews will conduct fieldwork across Formentera's network of roads. According to department head Rafael González, a team of five workers and one coordinator will be enlisted to tally pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, scooter and bus riders, giving the administration a clearer picture of how (and how many) individuals are moving round the island.

Trends observed in the data will be used to help draft Formentera's Pla de Mobilitat Sostenible, a “sustainable mobility plan” the administration hopes will be ready in six months. González explained that the document would be geared towards promoting sustainable mobility and serve as the groundwork for the future of mobility on the island.

Work on the ground
The first fortnight in August was chosen to complete the work, as that is when traffic on local roads is heaviest. Surveyors, who will additionally note the particular form of transport used by individuals, will rely on physical counts as well as on roadside sensors.

Tallies will include pedestrians and cyclists on the island's network of nature trails, riders of public transport and taxis and vehicle passage through intersections, routes of heavy transit and car parks.

Day trippers
Over three days, two workers will be stationed in the port to count the number of day visitors to Formentera. For that task, they will also administer a questionnaire to get a sense of respondents' intended transport and expenses.

Another census, this time during the first two weeks of October and designed for bus riders, will aim to provide an idea of the number of people using public transport during the low season.

The work is expected to cost a total of €17,182, VAT included.

Tourist and resident surveys
Tourists and islanders are being asked to complete surveys to provide a look at some of the typical journeys taken on the island and the transport that is customarily used. Four hundred phone interviews were conducted among Formentera residents in June. From 29 July to 3 August another 400 in-person interviews will take place at the port.

The results of the second part of the undertaking, which has an estimated cost of €19,904, will also be used in drafting the Sustainable Mobility Plan.