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Formentera won't delegate management of lighthouse this summer

The Formentera Council reports that this summer access to es Cap de Barbaria lighthouse will again be self-managed.

The decision means calling off the search for an outside contractor to monitor access to the monument as well as oversee bike rental and other services. For its part, the contractor would have been permitted to run a drinks stand at the site.

Mobility secretary Rafael González pointed out that “part of Formentera sees the drinks stand as a human presence that would be counterproductive to care of the lighthouse”, concluding, “that's exactly the opposite of what we want”.

According to González, the push to manage the monument, close roads to vehicle traffic, and other actions past and future, is aimed at preserving the lighthouse and conveying a point: the only guarantee to economic prosperity is in caring for the island's natural environment.

The Gent per Formentera strategy, says González, is built around preservation and making sure Formentera remains a place for peace and quiet. The process of opening the project for bids was conducted in total respect for the law, though administration officials now say their preference is now to scuttle the project. González calls it a crystal clear demonstration that “what drives this administration is preservation and consensus-based action”.

The secretary said his department would need several days to hammer out details like what management will look like, how long the arrangement will last, and opening hours at the landmark.