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Formentera's summer taxi fleet goes all in on hybrids

foto taxi 2018The mobility department of the Formentera Council announces that this summer and next, the island's seasonal taxi fleet is one hundred per cent hybrid.

The measure represents a deepening of the Council's commitment to minimising carbon emissions with sustainable alternatives. Switching conventional vehicles on the island's taxi fleet for sustainable ones is just one strategy adopted by the Council to achieve that goal. Others include gradually upgrading the fleet of municipal vehicles as well, and the so-called fiscalitat verda (Catalan for “green taxation”) practice of offering reduced taxes for drivers of sustainable vehicles.

Seasonal taxis
This year not only has the Council issued more seasonal chauffeur permits, the season has become longer, too. With two new taxis joining the island's summer reinforcements this year and next, the seasonal fleet went from eight in 2016-2017 to ten.

In 2016 and 2017 islanders enjoyed just three months of expanded service (June 15 to September 15). That period has been extended to four months (June 1 to September 30). Of the ten seasonal taxis, five will be on the road from June to August and the remaining five are on duty from July to September. Hence, the adaptive service will be bolstered by the addition of five taxis in June and September and ten in July and August.

Twenty-five vehicles, two of which are accessible for individuals with reduced mobility, form the island's year-round fleet of taxis.