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If ferry companies won’t guarantee first and final passage to Eivissa, Balearic government will

foto mesa transport 2Formentera’s president and mobility chief, Alejandra Ferrer and Rafael González, respectively, were in Palma today for a meeting of the Committee on Maritime Transport in the Balearics (Mesa de Transport Marítim de les Illes Balears) chaired by regional mobility and housing minister Marc Pons.

Pons said officials would be sitting down in the off season to talk with ferry companies about the importance of the early-bird and late-night inter-island service, and to ascertain whether any are interested in taking up the cause. An answer is due in two weeks, and will be announced at the next commission gathering, scheduled on Formentera. According to Pons, if no company comes forward to offer 6.00am Eivissa-bound and 10.30pm return service, “the Govern balear will open up bidding and put them to tender”.

President Ferrer highlighted the work invested in moving things this far, and traced the question of first-and-final ferry passage back to 2010, when legislation on maritime transport became law. “These two journeys are very important. For islanders, it’s the difference between making the first daily plane out of Eivissa, getting home at night, visiting loved ones in the hospital or, for young people, completing studies on Eivissa. There are many valid needs at stake here”, Ferrer declared.

The president said early-bird and late-night ferry service must be “not just socially sustainable, but environmentally and financially sustainable as well”. Also at the encounter were the director general of the sea and air transport division of the Balearic government and representatives of regional ministries of environment, tourism, employment, health, and of the Mallorca, Menorca and Eivissa island councils, not to mention the CAEB, APEAM, CCOO, UGT, Marina Mercant, and chambers of commerce across the archipelago.

25 November 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera