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Getting Formentera up to speed on blue and green zone parking permit renewals

The Formentera Mobility Department reminds islanders that permits to park at no charge in spaces marked with blue or green must be renewed once a year. Department chief Rafael González traced deactivation of the pay-to-park scheme to the March 2020 announcement of emergency orders across the Spanish territory. Metred parking was restored in July, but the Consell opted to extend free-parking rather than contend with a wave of summertime renewals overlapping with peak economic activity and parking demand.

Until now, permits have been automatically renewed whether a motorist took any specific action or not. From this Monday, 1 February, the process is no longer automatic, and the renewal procedure will be mandatory for any motorist who hasn’t already completed it at some point over the last 12 months. Renewals are effective within twenty-four hours.

To cut down on face-to-face visits, the Consell encourages islanders to process permit renewals online by visiting this link and clicking on Tràmits i gestions > Llicències i permisos > Sol•licitud d’autorització / renovació d’autorització de zona blava - verda. For additional inquiries, call the Consell at 971 32 10 87.

Explained Councillor González, “During the first half of February parking attendants will prioritise educating motorists about renewals. For now the top priority is making sure permits are up to date.”

30 January 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera