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Formentera to back educational push for road safety

The offices of the interior and mobility of the Consell de Formentera report that this winter they will steer a campaign to encourage freight drivers, tourists and islanders at large to respect rules of the road and highway safety. Interior chief Josep Marí placed serious accidents on local roads at the centre of the decision—an effort he described as seeking to “stem further mishaps and improve safety on our roads”.

The plan’s architects say the idea is simple: that motorists should respect movement and traffic regulations like speed limits when they get behind the wheel. Another aim is to boost compliance with safety measures—which might mean using a helmet and seatbelt, or avoiding operating a vehicle after consuming alcohol or drugs, or while texting. Another reminder will include the importance of completing the required vehicle inspection (ITV) and keeping insurance current.

Message for island youth

Organisers will even take to social media as they send a message to young people about the dangers of forgoing safety regulations when driving motorbikes and motor-scooters. The island’s school liaison officer will also be on hand to reinforce the message as part of local law enforcement’s annual road safety campaign (Educació Vial).

Greater police presence

Councillor Marí said Formentera Local Police and Guardia Civil would increase stops on highways to see if drivers “are taking the campaign’s message to heart as they get on the road”.

16 October 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera