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Areas Urbanism & territory, Tourism and Economic activities Mobility Formentera.eco regulation takes effect

Formentera.eco regulation takes effect

The Office of Mobility of the Consell de Formentera reports that the 2023 enforcement period of Formentera.eco regulations begins today. Between 1 June and 30 September, motor vehicles driven on Formentera must receive specific clearance, which can be obtained at www.formentera.eco.

On this first day of regulation, a total of 17,049 vehicles have been cleared.

Breakdown of figures
Visitor cars: 566 (maximum: 1,880)
Visitor motorcycles: 27 (maximum: 190)
Eivissa resident cars: 60 (maximum: 220)
Eivissa resident motorcycles: 5 (maximum: 20)
Rental cars: 1,900 (maximum: 2,268)
Rental motorcycles: 5,081 (maximum: 5,880)
Resident vehicles: 9,111 (no maximum)
Other vehicles: 299 (no maximum)
Total: 17,049
(Updated at 11.00am, 1 June 2023)

When enforcement began on 15 June last year, a total of 18,340 vehicles had an associated authorisation.

As of 1 June, 26,000 applications have been processed. Today, clearances are still available every day of the regulatory period, 1 June to 30 September.

Legislative aim
In 2023 the number of motor vehicles that can be brought to the island and driven and parked on public roads is capped at 10,458. This ceiling affects rental vehicles and visitors––the focus of Formentera.eco regulations. Under the scheme, there are 16% fewer vehicles on local roads than at the beginning of the legislature––precisely the target agreed four years ago by the Consell d'Entitats.

Reservations and clearance
Visitors who wish to clear their vehicle to be driven on Formentera can do so easily on www.formentera.eco. This year's Formentera.eco fees are double those of 2022: €6/day (passenger cars; €30 minimum) and €3/day (motorcycles; €15). The enforcement period has also been extended by one month and now includes all of June, July, August and September, whereas in 2022 it ran 15 June to 15 September. These changes were agreed at the Consell d'Entitats.

Residents pay nothing to receive clearance, but must still request it on the website. However, vehicles belonging to motorists with a currently valid authorisation to park in blue zone spaces and residents who pay the local road tax are cleared automatically. To verify this has been done correctly, drivers should visit www.formentera.eco. In a particular section of the site, just by entering a vehicle plate number, individuals can find out if their vehicle has been cleared or if the associated clearance has yet to be processed.

Hybrid vehicles and e-vehicles are eligible for 50% and 100% discounts, respectively, and residents of Eivissa, Mallorca and Menorca, pay nothing for authorisation.

Ferry companies that transport vehicles are informing customers of the regulation at ticket offices and on their websites during the ticket purchasing process. This will ensure that all the people who come to Formentera with their vehicle are duly informed of the regulatory scheme. Informative posters and videos have been distributed as well.

In these first days, the Consell will prioritise informing individuals about the scheme. It has also prepared an information campaign encouraging residents and seasonal workers to obtain clearance for their vehicles. As part of the push, attendants will check number plates of vehicles parked on Formentera roads and leave leaflets signalling whether vehicles have been cleared or not.

The law provides for fines of at least €1,000 driving a vehicle without clearance.

1 June 2023
Office of Communication
Consell de Formentera

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