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Island of Formentera Tennis Club, at the helm managing Formentera Municipal Tennis School

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This morning, the president of the Formentera Island Council, Jaume Ferrer, together with the president of the Island of Formentera Tennis Club, Josep Lairon Hernández, signed an accord to promote and organise tennis in Formentera. Also present at the press conference was councilor of Sport and Local Participation, Sergio Jiménez.

The Formentera Island Council will put forward a sum of 20,000€ toward tennis promotion and 6,000€ for the maintenance of the sports facilities.

For its part, the tennis club commits to providing a range of sports services, striving to exploit the maximum potential of available facilities, sports material and human resources. A part of the club's commitment also includes promoting the educational and social aspects of sport, those features of tennis that make it ideal in community involvement and integration. The priority of the initiative is full inclusion for the entire local population, thus prices of the courses will be accessible for residents of all income levels.

The Formentera Island Tennis Club will oversee facility management and maintenance, adhering as a matter of course to all current health and safety guidelines in order to ensure the well-being of all service users. Additionally, the club will be charged with electrical, plumbing and structural maintenance on the site, maintaining the proper working order of all sports and fitness equipment and even overseeing the purchase of replacement material should it at some point be necessary.

One of the most exciting developments of the new Municipal Tennis School initiative is the commitment to offering quality sports training at a local level and at affordable prices: thus creating a solid local base of athletes and averting the flight of residents in search of sports instruction elsewhere. Another important feature is the push for increased numbers of competitions and sports tournaments, including renowned athletes not from Formentera. And certainly not least important to the anticipated sports programming is the John Tunks memorial tournament, an homage to the man who was so influential to the promotion and practise of tennis on the island.

Likewise, the local tennis club has also committed to working to establish an island delegation to the Federació Balear de Tennis (the regional tennis federation) in this way bringing the sport closer to Formentera residents.

The Formentera Island Council is devoted to the active promotion of tennis on the island, and, such being the case, will provide the Island of Formentera Tennis Club with everything necessary to ensuring a successful programming of the sport. Sports like tennis are vital for society and should be promoted at every possible juncture. The local population – whether individually or as part of one of the different existing collectives – must be given every possible option to take part in this beneficial activity.

The new era that this initiative represents for the Municipal Tennis School will begin this June and extend through 3 July 2014. It will include two full-time instructors and the training of experienced and celebrated tennis player Miguel Navarro.

Since its founding ten years ago, the Municipal Tennis School of Formentera has served countless students of the sport; an average of 70 adults and children monthly.

The high quality of tennis instruction here on the island – notably in the lower-level categories – has fixed Formentera as the destination for a great number of extremely important sporting events, like the Campeonat de Balears, more than 14 additional island championships and 4 years of the Àlex Corretja Tournament. As of 2013 this last event has taken an important turn and been christened with a new name: the John Turks Memorial Tournament.

The Formentera Council is working toward the construction of a new sports complex (and several new tennis courts) alongside the municipal football pitch, a project whose future is dependent on our local council's economic capacity.


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