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Formentera Council makes public all court rulings

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Upon the Formentera Island Council's official receipt of judicial rulings preceding from the competent court authorities, it is administration policy to publish all such sentences at the institution's plenary sessions.

The court ruling referred to in a press release by the Partido Popular (PP), published today and taken up by local media, had not yet been made public by the Administrative Chamber (the entity responsible for the verdict) to the Formentera Council. As such, its reporting at the plenary session would have been technically impossible.

Obviously, rather than to truthfully inform on the material impossibility of reporting judgements that the Council itself has yet to receive, the will of the PP was none other than to cast doubt upon the work and proceedings of the local political administration and its professionals.

As soon as the Council is notified of judicial sentences, its policy is to proceed to their immediate reporting at plenary sessions. This, moreover, is the systematic procedure in use by the Council, whether the verdict's effect on the Council be positive or negative.


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