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Media Newspaper library Sports The Formentera Council and the Trasmapi company help local sports clubs pay travel costs to Eivissa

The Formentera Council and the Trasmapi company help local sports clubs pay travel costs to Eivissa

conveniclubsesportius2013 WEBThe Formentera Island Council's councilor of Sports and Community Involvement Sergio Jiménez, together with the director of marketing and head of marketing of the Trasmapi transport company (Rafel Cardona and Núria de la Torre, respectively), signed a collaborative accord today with seven different island sports clubs that will assure assistance for travel costs for the local athletes.

The object of the accord is to offer financial assistance equivalent to the sum currently required for travel between Eivissa and Formentera for each of the clubs. Included in the accord are Dojo Formentera, the Quatre Torres chess club, Ràcing de Formentera, Natació Formentera, Club Volleyball Formentera, Club Bàsquet Formentera and S.D. Formentera.

In return, the sports clubs will provide publicity for the transport company. For its part, Trasmapi commits to providing assistance for Formentera – Eivissa – Formentera travel for each member of the sponsored clubs as well as for their chaperones, all in the interest of fomenting sport in the Pitiüsas.

The contract will extend for three years from today's date, drawing to a close 4 October 2016. Extension of the collaboration will be contingent upon agreement by both parties.

This Formentera Council-Trasmapi accord aims to promote and develop sport (whether individual or team) on the island of Formentera. It is the duty of the local council to create favourable conditions for sports clubs and provide them all the advantages possible.

With the Mitja Marató Popular Illa de Formentera, the Torneig Internacional de Futbol Aleví (International Youth Football Tournament), the Àlex Corretja Tennis Tournament and other sporting events, the Formentera Island Council is investing important resources and demonstrating a genuine implication in the development of sports in the Balearics.


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