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Youth Center

Youth Centre

The Youth Centre of Formentera belongs to the Department of Social Welfare and Youth Social Centre. It is located at Es Molí Social Center in Portossalè Avenue and was inaugurated in March 2007.

Youth Centre

- Promote initiatives for youth entertainment.
- Encourage the participation of young people in all activities offered by the island
- Provide a meeting space that facilitates the process of leisure and youth into adulthood through appropriate mechanisms
- Participate in the integration of adolescents at risk of social exclusion
- Provide information resources, infrastructure and human resources for the public articulation of forms of participation and personal development and collective
- Identification of the Youth Centre as a benchmark for youth leisure activities of Formentera
- Encourage participation and equal opportunities for young
- Support youth organizations
- Encourage children and youth leisure

The Youth Centre is a service where you can develop different activities and access to different areas, aimed at young people.
The activities of the Youth Centre are aimed at young people between 10 and 26 years can make use of different rooms according to demand and the schedule established.

The areas of the Youth Centre are:

Entertainment Room:
It is a space of free access and meeting the young can be met, read the press, youth magazines, games, etc..
Used this space for conducting classes, workshops, talks, exhibitions, etc.. to demand from young people themselves.
The entertainment room is the cyber with computers that can be used to query Internet, jobs and other types of recreational activities for free, table tennis, football and space for magazines and board games.

Rehearsal Chamber:
For bands constituted as such, its members or soloists who need space for their trials.
This room is equipped with basic equipment (drums, amplifiers, mixing desk, microphones), so everyone can bring the instrument you need.
Must make the reservation of the room.

Meeting Room:
(Para el uso de la sala de reuniones se valorará la entrada para mayores de 26 años siempre y cuando se haya realizado como en los demás casos, una reserva previa.)
Must make the reservation of the room.

Monthly activities are planned to be developed, which includes workshops, tournaments, sotides etc.. As an example we can say that cooking workshops were held, funky, holiday decorating, singing, makeup, etc.. Sing Star tournaments, foosball, table tennis, etc..
There are also outings, some of them in Ibiza, the latest in karting, bowling, water sea and visits to other camps.
Many of these activities are programmed for the computer monitors of the House, which also take into account the needs of young people themselves at the time of the activities included in the schedule.


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