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Media Newspaper library Urbanism and Territory planning Charges brought against Es Caló beach bar Amore Iodio

Charges brought against Es Caló beach bar Amore Iodio

kiosco escalo2Citing illegal parties and in the interest of preserving tranquility on local beaches and reducing traffic risks along the highway, the Formentera Council has decided to lodge an official complaint regarding the beachfront kiosk Amore Iodio, located in Es Caló.

Speaking with the concession-holders of Amore Iodio, the Council explained its intent to confiscate speakers, mixing equipment and a microphone. Also presented was an order to confiscate the unauthorised tables and chairs that have been placed in the service lot allotted to the locale.

In recent months different inspections by the Council have revealed incompliance with a number of technical regulations regulating use of the concession, a fact which has brought the Council to initiate proceedings in order to strip the current concessionaires of their contract.

Specifically, Council inspections noted the occupation of more than the permitted land and sea area as well as the placement of unauthorised temporary furnishings. Other violations included the dumping of liquids and other waste water onto sand and into the sea, and massive organised parties. The contract-holders of Amore Iodio now have ten days to make representations subsequent to the Council's allegations.

This is not the first time that the Formentera Council has acted to preserve calm on local beaches and safety on local highways. In years past the Formentera Council ordered a halting of operations due to similar violations at the Blanco i Giallo waterfront kiosk.


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