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Pla Insular de Gestió del Patrimoni Cultural

Management Plan for Cultural Heritage Sites 2013-2014


Article 99 of Law 12/1998 of 21 December concerning Cultural Patrimony in the Balearic Islands establishes that, every two years, it shall be the responsibility of the island councils to draft and ratify a series of objectives known generically as 'Pla Insular de Gestió del Patrimoni Històric' (Island Plan for the Management of Historical Patrimony). This document shall serve to outline the measures and priority action that will guide work by the Council regarding historical patrimony, be it preventative, conservationist, or educational in nature.

As a complement to article 99, the 22 March 2013 plenary session of the Formentera Island Council brought ratification for the first Island Plan for the Management of the Historical Patrimony of Formentera 2013-2014 (Pla Insular)

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