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Formentera sports centre welcomes newly-renovated weight room

gim280814Today, the Formentera Council's office of sport presided over the opening of a new weight-training room at the Antoni Blanc Sports Centre. With a surface area of 120 square metres, the remodelled space is more than twice as big as the previous facility.

Not only does the spaciousness of the new installation provide for greater ease of exercise, the remodelled weight room's top-floor location gives sports centre users prime views.

Councillor of sport Sergio Jiménez noted that the transformation came about as a result of “suggestions from habitual users of the fitness room, who had often complained of a lack of space. These changes have paved the way for a dramatically-improved experience.”

New timetable

Preceding this morning's presentation of the new weight-training facility, the centre's administration had already announced yesterday a revised winter 2014-2015 timetable for the swimming pool and sports centre.

Open swim at the pool is scheduled from 7:45am to 10pm, with a break for youth swimming classes from four in the afternoon until half past seven at night.

Other activities at the pool are divided into 30- or 45-minute segments of supervised adult swim classes. Aqua-fitness, light water-gym, water activities for expecting mothers, youth swimming, swimming for newborns with mothers and a programme known as 'aquatic circuit' are rotated through six slots over the course of a day.

This winter, the Antoni Blanc Sports Centre will remain open from eight in the morning to ten at night and offer a host of different activities. Some of the most traditionally high-demand of them are Pilates, indoor cycling, toning, aerobics and classes focusing on abs.


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