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Media Newspaper library Sports Formentera's first footrace for women has plan to support cancer research: paint the town pink

Formentera's first footrace for women has plan to support cancer research: paint the town pink

Cursa dona 1marcThis morning, attendees at the plenary hall of the Formentera Council saw details unveiled regarding the island's first-ever footrace for women. Scheduled for 1 March at noon in Sant Francesc Xavier, the event was conceived as a way to benefit the Spanish Association against Cancer (AECC, for its initials in Spanish). Funds collected from registration dues (€10) will finance cancer research.

At the presentation were Espai Dones local chapter president Vanessa Díaz; AECC representative Mari Carmen Gabldar Cordellet; president of Grup Esportiu Espalmador, Omar Juan and Formentera's councillor of sport Sergio Jiménez.

In the words of Councillor Jiménez, organisers want to ensure the footrace “is for everyone: walkers and runners. The important thing here is solidarity behind a common cause and raising money to fight cancer”. Enrolment is being held at the Antoni Blanc sports centre between 8am and 10pm and online at formenteraesports365.com. Participants will also receive a commemorative dark-pink T-shirt.

Espai Dones president Vanessa Díaz alluded to the significance of the T-shirts, explaining the call to deck out supporters in pink as a way “to increase visibility for the support of cancer research”. Díaz also reminded the crowd that after the walk-run, a community paëlla (€15; 2pm) would be held to take fundraising efforts even further.

AECC representative Mari Carmen Gabaldar Cordellet thanked the Formentera Council and all the other groups involved for their participation and reminded listeners of her organisation's many needs. “We provide assistance that is both physical and psychological. Unfortunately, the world is full of individuals living with cancer and all help is welcome”.

For his part, Omar Juan, president of the Espalmador sports group, offered specifics about the race itself. “This was essentially hatched as a way to bring together sport and healthy-living. The 2.5-km circuit was conceived for walkers rounding the course one single time, or runners who prefer to make two laps.” Juan said that the route would not stray far from town, “which is why Sant Francesc will be closed to vehicle traffic during the run”.

Organisers were sure to emphasize one point: the race is for everyone. From pram-pushers and parents accompanying kids on training wheels to runners bent on a livelier step, anyone supporting the cause will be welcomed.   

For more information:

Espai Dones, 697941016
Spanish Association against Cancer, 670291414


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