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Media Newspaper library Presidency April plenary to close out legislative sitting that heard 400 proposals

April plenary to close out legislative sitting that heard 400 proposals

ord 191214This month's plenary session, 27 April, closes out a legislative session that began in July 2011 and attended, in just under four years, 400 proposals and propositions. The Reglament Orgànic, the directive code which guides the Formentera local administration, distinguishes been measures brought by the governing administration ('propostes' or proposals) and those brought by opposition parties ('proposicions').

Of the 400 measures, the ruling coalition formed by Gent per Formentera and Partido Socialista were behind 345, or 86% of the total. Partido Popular brought 28 motions, equivalent to 7% of the total number presented. Grup Independent de Formentera (GUIF) brought 27, also equal to roughly 7% of the motions heard by the plenary.

Group by group analysis

Over the course of this legislative sitting, the ruling coalition put forth 345 proposals and 9 emergency motions. Partido Popular presented 28 propositions, 75 questions, 4 report requests and 5 emergency motions. Grup Independent de Formentera brought 27 propositions and 39 questions. The 2011-2015 sitting also attended five joint motions ('mocions conjuntes') and one consensus-based motion ('moció consensuada').

Year by year analysis

In 2011, the government coalition brought 62 proposals to the plenary. For Grup Independent, this number was six and for Partido Popular, four. During the same period three joint motions were brought before the plenary.

In 2012, the GxF-PSOE coalition brought 80 proposals while Partido Popular and GUIF both brought six respectively. Two joint motions were brought that year.

In 2013, the ruling coalition brought 93 proposals and 8 emergency motions, Partido Popular had 12 propositions and 3 emergency motions and GUIF launched 9 propositions.

In 2014, the government coalition brought a total of 100 proposals and 1 emergency motion and one consensus-based motion was presented. Both Partido Popular and GUIF brought five propositions respectively.


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