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Media Newspaper library Sports Hats off to SD Formentera, third division Balearic champions

Hats off to SD Formentera, third division Balearic champions

formentera sd homenatge 2015This afternoon the management, staff and players of the Formentera football club ('la Sociedad Deportiva' or 'SD Formentera') paid a visit to the Formentera Council, where they were welcomed by an entourage comprising Jaume Ferrer, members of the coalition government, Juan Manuel Costa of the Partido Popular and Cristina Costa of the GUIF.

CiF president Ferrer congratulated the champions on behalf of the entire island while insisting that their success was not just a boost for local youth—“who, having seen that hard work pays off, will want to follow in your footsteps”—but also for the island as a whole, telling the team: “You are the proof that Formentera is ready to go toe to toe with the other islands”.

Ferrer presented the team with a commemorative plaque with the date of the homage and the inscription, “in recognition of SD Formentera's grand achievement—champions of the third division” which was accepted by SD Formentera president Felip Portas.

Portas thanked the Council for their support and recalled his own youth, “when I was little people always talked about that one year that Formentera made it to third division. It was this huge deal. Now it's like some kind of dream world, because we're not just in there playing, we're the champions”.

The club president attributed the victory to the players and staff, the club's management—“who volunteer countless hours of work”—, sponsors and fans, “who have always kept the stands packed and even accompanied the team on their away matches”.

Shouts of “champions!” fill the plenary hall

In the Council's plenary hall, amidst countless bouts of applause and chants of the team's name, Luis Elcacho, member of the SD Formentera staff, expressed his gratitude for the hospitality received, “both from the club and the island. They've made us feel like this has always been our home”. Elcacho acknowledged the efforts of the players, the management, fans and supporting organisations and pointed out, “when you play for this club, you feel the support of the whole island behind you”.

The last voice to fill the hall was that of club captain Winde, an extremely important figure who has been with the team since their regional league matches. Winde presented Jaume Ferrer with a SD Formentera jersey signed by the entire team.


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