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Schoolchildren on Formentera get a lesson in recycling

Foto campanya pilesToday on the island, the non-profit group Ecopilas led collections of used batteries at three primary schools. The idea of the campaign was to impress upon children the importance of recycling what amount to hazardous materials. Ecopilas' president José Pérez also seized on the opportunity to familiarise the students with battery disposal bins. He said the goal was to see proper disposal of batteries increase on the island.

CiF councillors Daisee Aguilera of the environment office and Jordi Vidal of sports were both on hand when kids at Mestre Lluís Andreu primary school had their session. Councillor Aguilera drove home the importance of pushing for environmental awareness from a young age, a value she said was also apparent in past beach cleaning campaigns which received help from schools.

The Ecopilas foundation is a sponsor of the Formentera Half Marathon. Tomorrow, they are asking runners to bring their used batteries to the race. Councillor Vidal thanked the foundation for its support of the marathon and reminded residents that the school battery collections were part of Esport és +, an ongoing initiative to promote the positive values inherent in sports.


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